Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


for real? oh PETA. i don't know what to do with you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

a good read...

dustin forwarded this on to me... good stuff.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

wise words from those beastie boys...

"party people, just wanted to reach out and make sure everyone is registered to vote this year. in many states you need to register well ahead of time. this is a friendly reminder so you don't get caught with your pants down. let's get obama into that oval office and get things back on track.
adam, mike and adam"

i just tried to watch a smidgen of the RNC -- guiliani was speaking -- and i couldn't do it. he was busy making obama sound elitist, so instead of ramming my fist into the tv screen, i changed the channel.

fox news in minneapolis was reporting that there is concern that a rage against the machine concert might bring out rage in concert-goers. yeah, it must just be from the concert... no other reason that people would be pissed off. not a bit.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

shame on you, st, paul police....

assaulting and arresting journalists? really? has it come to that? i understand that you'd be pissy about some asshats busting windows in downtown, but just like the RNC, journalists (AND protestors) have every fucking right to be in st. paul.

tonight we drove to st. paul to check out the chaos a bit -- we seemed to always be on the cusp of something going on -- mostly just stuck in traffic, nowhere to park and honestly, with the way the police are tossing tear gas around willy-nilly, i was okay with not being in the midst of the crap (esp. with the wee oskar in the car). at one point we were stopped and after a march went down a street, it was followed by a couple of cop wagons, cops on bikes AND cops on horseback. then we drove around some more, mostly b/c all of the usual routes i knew to get home were blocked off. when we were on kellogg and getting closer to the xcel center, it was all fenced off and there were national guard looking fellas standing every five feet or so. it looks like a military base landed in the middle of downtown.

finally we found an interstate exit, but riot police began to block it off in front of us. we drove around and then at another intersection we were stopped and there was about 20-50 (dark, so hard to tell) riot cops lined up. photographers began heading in that direction, so again i think there was something going on. however in our car oskar was beginning to seriously lose his shit (between teething, being gassy and over-tired, he was pretty upset) so we u-turned the hell out of there and finally found a street not blockaded.

it's definitely crazy, the crap that is going on. did they have stuff like this going on in denver, and maybe we just didn't hear about it? there just appears to be some excessive force being used against protesters. and journalists. and anyone who happens to have a camera.

gripe 2 of the day... the whinerbabies who are still pissy that hillary didn't get the nomination, and they are such fucking idiots that they are backing mccain. do you think for a second that, had hillary gotten the nomination, that obama backers would say "waaah! our guy didn't get it! now we need to back mccain even though it goes against our interests!" ??? NO. NO FUCKING WAY. if i seem hostile about this point,... well, it's because i am.

MORE WHINERBABIES. man up, take one for the team. if hillary can move on, i reckon you can too.

if you fuck this up for the rest of us, it will be on your head that we move full-steam ahead even faster to hell in this crappy little handbasket. idiots. bah.

okay, last gripe o' the day. i'm glad Obama -- as always -- took the high road on Palin's daughter's pregnancy and said family is off limits. the high road is what won him the nomination, i believe. with that said, what do you think would have happened had bill and hillary's daughter chelsea was "in the family way" during bill's years in office? can you even fathom the fallout from that?

i have a lot on my mind and it's all bubbling up to the surface. no one is safe from my wrath. bah.