Tuesday, February 27, 2007

holy carp!

who loves screenshots?
the video=SO GOOD. (true, trent could read out of a freaking phone book and i'd declare "genius!") seriously. SO GOOD. and can i just add that surround sound is AMAZING? those crazy kids and their technology.

it definitely is a nice end to a really long and, at times, incredibly shite day.

more? why not!

on a completely different topic, why is it so hard to change how we are hardwired, how we react to things? logically we can see something in our lives for exactly what it is, yet something in us goes completely ballistic and later we are left feeling something very close to embarassment.

how do we all have those buttons that are pushed with very little effort, most time by accident, and then it makes us spit out all the hateful little thoughts we try not to have -- let alone verbalize. we unravel into a mess of anger and bile (not ACTUAL bile, but you know what i mean) when so very often it's completely NOT WORTH IT.

maybe that is why love is such a wonder. not because of the hearts and flowers and warm fuzzy feelings and fireworks, but a complete wonder because no matter what horrible things come out of our mouths, no matter how spiteful and grude-worthy they may be, there is still someone in this world who loves us -- who chooses to be with us. it is a absolute mystery.

and the next great wonder of the world: how will i EVER finish all the laundry i have to do? (ooh, i'm on the edge of my seat to solve this one!)

Monday, February 26, 2007


tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

thanks to chris george for this gem!

ahh, one of those days.

i think if there is a country in which people live and don't worry about their weight, don't worry about if they are eating their feelings, don't worry about how they look as compared to others, i want to live in that country.
sometimes i get this way. sometimes i feel every fold of my skin is magnified by 10,000 times and can be seen by the naked eye from one hundred light years away.
nothing feels like it fits correctly. and if it does, it's those pants you haven't worn since last year when you were forty pounds heavier. and yet you eat that bite of macaroni and cheese and you drink that coca-cola even though you know it won't do anything good for you, even though you told yourself that today, you wouldn't eat. or if you did, you'd eat sparingly and start that workout plan again. you watch commercials for fitness center with envy, eying those who offer testimonial to no longer having "junk in the trunk," for getting rid of those unwanted pounds. and you feel bitter. and resentful. not because of how you look or your genetics but because you just can't stop feeling this way today. you are angry not because of how you look, but because you are upset about it. does that make sense? so i get angry about feeling this way, not being this way. i get angry that so much of my life has been spent fucking worrying about that shit. i get angry that i'm ranting about it now, instead of happily watching a movie with my kid. i get angry that my anger pulls me out of my daily life and i'm wallowing in it.
fuck it. time to watch "the 'burbs." time to do something that matters. (hangin' with the kid, not just the 'burbs part. although that movie does rock.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

congrats to the husband!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

my feet are chilly.

and not as in "i'm afraid of commitment!" but just "i've been dinking around on the computer for a while and it's in the basement and i don't have sock on, therefore my feet are chilly."

had some good fun with some coworkers last night -- it's nice when you can relate to people in the same -- if not better -- way when you are actually outside of the cubicles.

last two days of work last week were THE SUCK. tooo busy. way too busy. and tomorrow promises more of the same, so i'm looking forward to THAT. for sure. totally. dude.

(what's wrong with me?)

the tattoo is healing up BEAUTIFULLY. love it. LOVE IT. want more tattoos, but will hold off until i think of something to cover up the hideous taurus tattoo. (i'm sure plenty of people put great stock into astrology. but now that i'm not 18 anymore, i'm just not one of them.) maybe i need ideas! who has an idea for a coverup? this is what you'd need to mask:

it's on the upper part of my left shoulder-blade, so i'll send a prize to whoever has the best idea! (b/c that's a good way to decide on permanent ink on my skin...)

now i have to relax on what might be the COMFIEST COUCH EVER in the living room. with the dog. while watching really crappy sunday tv. and trying to get through our laundry. all while remaining in pajamas. a FULL day, indeed.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i'm blogging and it's not even the middle of the night!

what a long, long, long effing day. holy crap. and luckily i get to sleep soon. hurrah! and tomorrow is friday, hurrah! and on saturday a friend and i are driving to des moines to take my kiddo to see Phantom of the Opera! and i think someone is tap-dancing upstairs... i can only assume it's the kiddo and not dustin, although stranger things have happened.

congrats out to ellermeeeee for her new job! congrats to aimicita and jub-jub as jub-jub as been accepted to vet school! and to round out the leingirlz3 trio, congrats to jege for her amazing photos!

Monday, February 05, 2007

holy god...

me as a suburban soccer mom? wife of an astronaut? yeah, that's just creepy.

See what girls go through for beauty?

it's tough being a girl.

(my husband is a lucky, lucky man.)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

i really need to start carrying a camera around with me

so i'm driving the other day with dustin and we're headed north on 35W. over the interstate on the walking bridge i see a poster stuck up to the fence, and on it is this image:



oh my! just LOOK at all the additions to snidecards.com!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

awake at 2:50 a.m.? why not?!?

i'm up a little earlier than my normal "can't sleep because it's the middle of the damn night" thing, but that's because i fell asleep earlier than normal. and now i'm eating sixlets. and really, weren't sixlets a good candy at one time? i bought this whole damn movie theater sized box of them and suddenly they are horribly gross. waxiness coating the roof of my mouth. what the crap?

this is supposed to be the coldest weekend of the year thus far, therefore i have absolutely NO PLANS of leaving the house whatsoever. well, maybe to go to a movie, but that's all, i swear.

waiting for the benadryl i took to kick in. (i don't actually buy sleep remedies since the normal stuff knocks me on my arse. any moment now...)

the tattoo? well, it's itchy as hell right now, but i still love it with a love deeper than love.

and now i'm re-examining the box of sixlets, i keep giving them another try, only to be horribly disappointed. did the box always have a row of sixlets with legs , as if to look like a caterpillar made of candy, wearing glasses and socks? and another thing: were the candies themselves always this shiny? is that normal?

i really, REALLY need to go back to sleep. i'm becoming way too disturbed by that little sixlet bastard.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

which is worse...

breaking part of a tooth.... OR
breaking ANOTHER PART of that SAME DAMN TOOTH...