Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nin clips from nov. 25 concert

some clips from the show --- and if you don't like NIN or fantastic, amazing light shows, you'll be bored. (the audio is not the best, but trent kinda is.)

seventh grade and how it sucks.

my daughter is in seventh grade -- and with a couple of months left of school, the end of the year can't come soon enough, for her and for me. genetically she's got some of my stuff and that makes dealing with all the emotions and bullshit popularity/friendship/ girl backstabbing crap even tougher than normal.

my seventh grade year was marked by my first massive nervous breakdown. and who can forget the school counselor would couldn't recognize depression and just said i was out for attention and to skip class... ahh, the memories.

when you are depressed you can't stop crying, and not many people have sympathy for the kid who cries a lot. add that to the fact that i had an injury that kept me in a cast, on crutches but out of gym for many months, and people i had known for a long time (i even remember who this prick was, but won't mention a name here) would actually talk about me behind my back -- literally two feet behind my back, making fun of me, calling me a faker.

later in the school year the awesome and wonderful amy lein -- who i've known since i was 1.5 years old -- stood by me and helped me get past all the bullshit, all the little bastards who made that year miserable. we'd go to school dances -- even though i was on crutches, and we'd goof around and dance (and then a stupid girl i can recall right now mocked me for that) and at that point i resolved to switch to a different junior high.

fucking assholes in seventh grade.

however changing schools was the best thing i ever did. i met some amazing people there, people i'm still in touch with today and love as much as i ever did (you know who you are). and most of the people from seventh grade forgot about that year by the time i saw them again in ninth grade, but there is always one or two asshats who said "weren't you the girl who cried all the time at school?", to whom i'd reply "probably -- and clearly you are still the same idiot from seventh grade."

okay, end rant.

but i can't wait for this year to finish up. my girl needs a break.

Friday, April 17, 2009

dumb. stinky. dumb & stinky.

so today is the start of our burb's annual spring cleanup -- basically the city comes and picks up your big garbage (our old couch, etc.) for free. this results in two things:
1. scavengers looking for free stuff. mostly I've seen people putting out their broken stuff, stuff they would normally cost extra to be hauled away. and peoplehave been driving around the neighborhood all day, slowly checking out the piles for anything remotely decent. I was on a walk with oskar and it was creepy how two or three cars in a row would creep down the street, trailers in tow and already full ifother people's crap. occasionally you see the car that hit the jackpot -- a child-size playcar, a jogging stroller and patio furniture. but usually it's old bedframes, scrap wood and pieces of furniture that just need some lovin'.

2. this also means people are cleaning out the garage and unearthing bags of yard waste. some people like to burn the yard waste and give everyone within a mile of that a house that reeks of old campfire. and, if I had to make a guess, burning plastic.


now it's several hours later since i first began this post.... I just joined a gym and am currently under a hair dryer at Fantastic Sam's, getting a super cheap conditioning treatment. not a bad morning at all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

by god, I need to blog more.

so it's the end of the day. my big events included (but not limited to) getting an eye exam at costco (slight Rx change), buying olivesin bulk, napping for a loooooong time, and here I am at bedtime, waiting for the sleep.

I won't have to wait long -- I am exhausted.

in fact, I fell asleep right after that last sentence. I woke up a moment later to find my phone in my left hand, my right index finger poised and ready to type.

yep. time to sleep.