Tuesday, April 14, 2009

by god, I need to blog more.

so it's the end of the day. my big events included (but not limited to) getting an eye exam at costco (slight Rx change), buying olivesin bulk, napping for a loooooong time, and here I am at bedtime, waiting for the sleep.

I won't have to wait long -- I am exhausted.

in fact, I fell asleep right after that last sentence. I woke up a moment later to find my phone in my left hand, my right index finger poised and ready to type.

yep. time to sleep.


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Andy said...

One of the things that I find strangest about being an adult is coming home from a day of errands and not having anything fun among the things that I've bought. For example, based on your post, olives and glasses. And, oh, yes, I've got to post more, too. But so do you. I love your updates.