Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

moving status: slowly but surely...

abbey's room has changed from pepto to white at her request... now we just have to put the rest of the room together.

this is the baby's room, which is currently storing much of abbey's possessions. much to be done.

family room on the lower level. note the boxes of dvds yet to be placed -- this weekend a trip to ikea for a shelf is in order. (also, our cat seems to have laser eyes.)

the bedroom with the daily load of laundry piled high. that's my chore before bedtime.

and our living room, as seen from the dining room. can you see the sleeping dustin?

tomorrow afternoon begins the cleaning spree at the old place. bah. BAH, i say. but i want our deposit back, so clean i must.

my stomach is getting bigger. MUCH bigger. just a couple of months to go...

in lieu of actual post....

i offer you this, courtesy of c. george:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a trip to the liquor store...

... when you are very very pregnant always ends in hilarity. or in awkwardness.

we have some lovely friends who are helping us move this weekend and in exchange for their kindness, i'm making chili and giving them beverages. so i went into the liquor store this afternoon and there's just no getting around people staring when you are waddling around in your pregnant state whilst carrying a bottle of jack daniels and a bottle of smirnoff.

do you use the old "it's not for me!" line with the clerk preemptively, so that social services isn't called? i figured i wouldn't say anything unless something was said to me first.

i may as well have had a crack pipe in my mouth and a tourniquet on my arm, the way he stared at me before ringing me up.

my uterus is irritated.

it's true. much like i can be.
basically i began getting weird cramping all around my lower abdomen last evening -- and it sort of wrapped around my back, so i called the clinic and they had me come in for monitoring. no infections or anything to cause it, so basically my uterus had become irritated and had begun cramping up. which seemed a little too close to what contracting could be, so i've been told to "behave" in terms of my activity level and moving/packing/etc.

and it's tricky, b/c once you get into that deadline mindset of "THINGS DUE AT A CERTAIN TIME," it's hard to get out of that. my deadline mindset is what makes me good at my job, but when it transfers over into home life, it makes things difficult.

so now i'm just... sitting. that's all. i'm hoping if i don't do much today, i'll have a good stockpile o' energy tomorrow to finish the itty-bitty tasks i have left. and here is the part where i make a list to get it out of my brain and somewhere else so i don't think about it again for a while.

1. pack up clothing
2. pack up bathroom and hall closet
3. pack up non-perishable kitchen stuff and appliances

..... i think that pretty much covers it. tomorrow should be okay for the most part. and of course there will be an assload of little things i'll have to deal with this next week -- fridge stuff, hangers, all that little crap that i don't want to deal with b/c i don't need to fit it into a uhaul... i hate that crap, but it's unavoidable.

THANK YOU to all the lovely people who will be lending a hand on saturday. i shall provide you with chili and beverages and my eternal gratitude. i'll even name my child after you. (as long as your name is oscar, that is.)

now i guess i have to make myself do nothing until tomorrow. hmm. it's tough to switch gears like that, but i'll bet that cable tv can help me out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

time for a video update!

for added fun, count the number of times i say "um" throughout the video!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i have a few questions.

1. how does the song "girlfriend" by avril lavigne even get into my head?

2. why can't i just get my ass in gear, grab and box and start putting stuff in it?

i have no answer for question 1. however the answer for question 2 goes like this.... i'm going to try very, very hard to be organized for this move. yet the thought of being organized is quite daunting.

but here's my plan...
1. assemble box. go 'round the house and take abbey-specific books (lemony snicket, harry potter, etc.) from the myriad of shelves both up and downstairs and put into abbey-room box.
2. assemble second box. get books that abbey has outgrown and put into baby-room box.
3. assemble third box. pack up all clothing not needed until post-pregnancy. which is most of my clothing, for the exception of 1 dress, three skirts and three pairs of pants. seriously.

see? why is it so hard to just get started on that? maybe b/c it's easier to stay in pajamas with a blanket on my feet whilst dinking around online.

must set a timeline for myself. 30 minutes left to be lazy, then at 10 a.m., i shall pack. then afterwards i will reward myself with yummy chocolate dustin brought home last night.

we'll see.

have achieved collection of abbey's books into three boxes. have gathered up baby's books and boxed those. next task... hmm.... lunch. then maybe deal with the misc. crap in the bedroom? so far, so good.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii've been up since four a.m.

dustin's expression upon watching "mr. brooks."

my expression most of the time. (we call it "the face.")

dustin is the fetus whisperer.

ahhh, the bulge continues to grow.

yes, those are jeans with the entire top portion made up of a spandexy material. kind of like wearing pajamas everyday, i tell people. and usually i don't wear my shirt up high to show off the spandexy part -- it's usually hidden.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

movie night.

"rescue dawn" = good.

"mr. brooks" = bad. really bad. i'm saddened that scripts with dialogue this horrible become movies. and the weird, spontaneous laughter between brooks and his inner voice? just unpleasant.

"the ten" = yet to be watched, but i have high hopes for it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

photo time

i grabbed a glass from the dishwasher only to find it had developed a crack while it was being washed...

dustin is amused by my ever-changing shape. here we are, 28 weeks and in the last trimester.

dustin is even more amused by my own viewpoint of what is happening.

this is what i see everyday. but suddenly i'm seeing it a whole lot more.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

and the verdict on last night?

it was option B.

a long night, indeed.

must now go sleep more.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

poor kiddo....

... i've not seen her vomit like that for quite some time. which means that:
a. it's out of her system and she'll sleep just fine and go to school tomorrow;
b. it's only beginning to rear its ugly head and it will be a long, long night.

fingers crossed for option a.

as you've noticed by now...

... i've added a video clip to the blog. we used to have a dv camera and both dustin and i could remember using it in minot at a friend's house one night... we were pretty sure that bram was there. so the other night we're looking around for tapes, and after reviewing many a tape, we found it. so now it's on my blog for everyone to see. just your average night in minot.