Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i have a few questions.

1. how does the song "girlfriend" by avril lavigne even get into my head?

2. why can't i just get my ass in gear, grab and box and start putting stuff in it?

i have no answer for question 1. however the answer for question 2 goes like this.... i'm going to try very, very hard to be organized for this move. yet the thought of being organized is quite daunting.

but here's my plan...
1. assemble box. go 'round the house and take abbey-specific books (lemony snicket, harry potter, etc.) from the myriad of shelves both up and downstairs and put into abbey-room box.
2. assemble second box. get books that abbey has outgrown and put into baby-room box.
3. assemble third box. pack up all clothing not needed until post-pregnancy. which is most of my clothing, for the exception of 1 dress, three skirts and three pairs of pants. seriously.

see? why is it so hard to just get started on that? maybe b/c it's easier to stay in pajamas with a blanket on my feet whilst dinking around online.

must set a timeline for myself. 30 minutes left to be lazy, then at 10 a.m., i shall pack. then afterwards i will reward myself with yummy chocolate dustin brought home last night.

we'll see.

have achieved collection of abbey's books into three boxes. have gathered up baby's books and boxed those. next task... hmm.... lunch. then maybe deal with the misc. crap in the bedroom? so far, so good.

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