Monday, October 18, 2010

warning: nesting has begun ...

baby/oskar room becoming a room again, as opposed to the storage room it once was. i just browned pork chops and put them into the crockpot, along with some stuffing and cream of mushroom soup. we'll see how that goes.

if i move a twin mattress from one room to another, will my water break? if so, I'M SO ON IT.

side note: how do dogs ALWAYS know the expensive shoes to chew on? did she HAVE to go after oskar's stride rites AGAIN? for fuck's sake.

one week from tmrw I'll be getting ready to check into the hospital -- I go in at nighttime have some pre-induction stuff going on, then the magic happens the next day, oct. 27. totally nuts. it's also weird bc I've never stayed a night away from oskar. he'll be snuggled with dustin and then at daycare the next day.

eek! baby time approaches!

now I think I'm going to dust. that's right, I'm going to dust shelves and whatever else I see. NESTING!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

tub time ...

a day filled with contractions of a sharp, eye-watering nature, so it's in the tub with me to see if they'll stick around. since both my previous kids were induced, I have no way to measure how long my labors would normally be if they came without my eviction notice. makes knowing when to go in a little tricky.

we shall see what the wee hours bring ...

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Friday, October 01, 2010

another night ...

another blog from the tub. more contractions, doing the warm bath test to see if they are the kind to stick around or not. the way this feels, it's hard to believe that she will wait another three weeks to come out. yowza.

and I really really wish I had a huge bathtub, bc it's not like I'm not already too lengthy for this thing, but there's not a lot of elbow room at this point in my pregnancy. a huge tub that's deeper than the average tub would be super awesome.

the worst part about the end weeks of the pregnancy is how I'm so hyper-aware of my aches and pains. constantly questioning every twinge, every odd sensation, secretly worries that my water will break in public (knowing full well that only 10% of women actually have the water break prior to birth), or that I'll wait too long to get to the hospital for fear of going in unnecessarily that I give birth in my car.

anxiety, anxiety, anxiety.

water getting cold, eyes getting tired. will update later.

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