Friday, October 01, 2010

another night ...

another blog from the tub. more contractions, doing the warm bath test to see if they are the kind to stick around or not. the way this feels, it's hard to believe that she will wait another three weeks to come out. yowza.

and I really really wish I had a huge bathtub, bc it's not like I'm not already too lengthy for this thing, but there's not a lot of elbow room at this point in my pregnancy. a huge tub that's deeper than the average tub would be super awesome.

the worst part about the end weeks of the pregnancy is how I'm so hyper-aware of my aches and pains. constantly questioning every twinge, every odd sensation, secretly worries that my water will break in public (knowing full well that only 10% of women actually have the water break prior to birth), or that I'll wait too long to get to the hospital for fear of going in unnecessarily that I give birth in my car.

anxiety, anxiety, anxiety.

water getting cold, eyes getting tired. will update later.

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