Monday, May 30, 2005

rhubarb crisp attempt

okay, so we have quite a bit o' rhubarb in our backyard, so i picked some, made a lovely rhubarb filling and followed my mom's directions in making a delightful rhubarb crisp. well after the mother-directed 20 minutes, it still looked, well, like the flour-oatmeal-brown sugar-cinnamon topping was quite dry. so i left it to 30 minutes. then nearly 45 minutes hit and as i feared for it's safety, i took it from the oven and gave it that old college try. here is how it looked:

crisp gone awry

it looks quite powdery, no?
so i took a bit and the bottom crust is how it should be.

it's back in the oven and we'll see what happens.

now we're watching "national treasure" because i have the need for mindless crapola. my sister and her husband -- both of whom are very knowledgeable about history -- spoke highly of it. so we're giving it the old college try. my night is filled with the college try.

and after all, isn't nicolas cage our very own national treasure?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

T1 or T2?

not sure. i see electricity between two trucks. i see a naked california governator! eek! make the bad things stop! but i still don't know if it's T1 or T2.
now the naked governor of california is naked in a bar, looking for clothing. a woman is sizing him up. given his years of steroid use, i don't know if that is to his advantage.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

antique roadshow

just like when people are elated to find out that the $2 vase they found at a garage market is worth between 15 and 17 grand, it's interesting to watch the reaction when some guy thinks that he has the desk that belonged to the brother of napoleon bonaparte and really it's just some guys old desk. but b/c it's old it's still worth five grand.
something tells me that, even when i'm dead and gone for many decades, the furniture i've acquired from target will not carry any sort of substantial value.

save me from myself!

i'm drinking. and watching that antique roadshow program. plan for tomorrow? go to rummage sales, spend five dollars or less on what appears to be kitchy rubbish, sell for real value on ebay.


i have purchased brie and have taken the recommended three lactaid tablets ... we'll see how that works. but enjoying brie is important.
i have also purchased a pair of shoes. they are reminiscent of my old birkenstocks that lasted nearly 10 years, only these are rubbery and, well, inexpensive. please, behold these clogs and imagine them in black, as mine are:


and i'm sleepy. "work is hell" week has passed and i'm both delighted and exhausted. and who in the hell are these people on saturday night live? i see no one but strangers!

so kelley at work called me a nerd on the basis of some blog entries that were pretty much one after the other: bruce campbell, x files and a post from the NIN site.
i thought it should be something i think about, but being 30 now, i think it's safe to say that i'm pretty stuck in my ways. a nerd, she says? i say "why yes, i am."

a comedian i really like

Jimmy Dore is really, really funny.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Some words from Trent


precious, precious trent.

(yes, Joe Mammy, Precious Trent would still be a great band name.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

one hellacious week

half way through hell week at work (deadlines moved up in order to have a monday holiday). tomorrow shall be worse. i'm preparing for a horrible day. that way if it's not horrible....YAY! PLEASANT SURPRISE!
i'll write more again someday. but this week shall bloweth.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

why i love "x files"

From the episode "Pusher" --

Mulder: He put the whammy on him.
Scully: Please explain the scientific nature of the whammy.



Monday, May 23, 2005

Bruce Freakin' Campbell!

Check out Joe Mammy's Interview with Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campbell!


HOLY CRAAAAAAAAP! AHHH! so many things wrong! superhero! we need one now!

so angry i can't see straight

every now and then i check out and catch up on the news. tonight on there are multiple stories of missing/abused children and when i saw the third one, well i kind of want to just put my fist through a window and make bad people pay for what they are doing. and to think about all the stuff that is not making cnn is equally disturbing.
don't you kind of wish we actually did have some sort of superhero who would scare people out of doing horrible shit like this? where's a punisher when we really need one?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

a delightful relic from the '80s.

yay for the sci-fi channel on a sunday!
remember how cool the coreys were? Corey Haim and Corey Feldman? i saw the latter of the two on the surreal life on vh-1, but where is corey haim nowadays? do you think the coreys felt rivalry with each other? maybe here's what they may have thought...

Corey Feldman: (to self) I wish I was the hearthrob corey...
Corey Haim: (to self) I wish I could have been in Goonies...

the girl and the pup

the girl and the pup
Originally uploaded by kllnin.

she loves her puppy.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Moms RULE!

Maybe THIS is what it will take to bring down the baddies.

pictures to share


turning 30 at a bar...eek!

b. boys 3

dustin & reed cover "paul revere" on my birthday...kick arse.


time well spent in chicago... the lovely dustin and lovely derek.

kari and the tool

in chicago at a fantastic bar that offers really cheap tacos. and dustin is funny.

shock and awe derek

is derek yawning? is he shocked? you be the judge.

it's finally friday night...

and i'm finally about to go to sleep again. 5 a.m. came WAY too early this morning. not that there is ever a day where i think "wow, this 5 a.m. feels like 11 a.m.!"
abbey is sound asleep, thanks in part to the increased dosage of her medication. she has one more increase (to 5mL 2x a day), beginning monday. hopefully she'll adjust to this alright. it's a little bit nervewracking.
and here is a list of birthdays that have come and gone and in my usual bad-friend manner, i've not acknowledged appropriately:

jon of
derek smyyyythe
and a pre-emptive belated greeting to patrick in minot (may 28, me thinks?) b/c i know i'll not remember to send a card/email/make a phone call/order a strip-o-gram, etc.

and there are crazy people outside right now, yalping at one another from their front door to their patio. the crazies are out.

Friday, May 20, 2005

yay for IMDB!

I have stumbled upon the FUNNIEST DEBATE EVER! it gets totally heated! give it a read!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

more karaoke!

props to c.g.tongen for making my birthday even more eventful! (and it's a 9mb file...)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

oy, a free moment!
being busy at work is good b/c that means the day will go fast. however that can go to extremes when one no longer has time to blog even a sentence or two! and now i have a free 10 minutes before the kiddo is done with doll time and ready for story time. and my dog is begging for my mike-n-ikes. but i shall not give in.
having a 9 year old kicks ass. she's old enough to do cool kid stuff (biking, fetching own snacks, get an inside joke, understand a film reference) but still little enough to where she likes to hang out with me (our story time right before sleep). and i know that someday she will tell me that she's embarassed by me and will slam the door in my face before putting on some music that i won't like, so i'm enjoying this now.
henry rollins said something interesting about this generation and the music we listen to -- (and i'm paraphrasing here) that we will be a group of people who are more intense than both our parents and our children. and i see that. just from knowing how abbey is right now, i can't imagine her listening to slayer anytime in the future. (although she did say once that she thought trent reznor would be a good babysitter, so i guess anything is possible.)
and i just gave the absterbinder a 2-minute extension on her doll time for purely selfish "but i just got blogging finally" reasons.
oh hell, it's not as though i'm writing anything profound. or even all that interesting.
oh a SUPERB note, it's recently been announced that the ever-talented and charming AMYCITA and her husband, Jub Jub, will be fleeing the city of Boston for MICHIGAN! yay for closer friends! now if we can work on getting Jeg closer...hmmm...
you hear that, Jeg? i'm plotting...


MINOT has made the news again!

what a simple haircut can do.

so i needed to get my hair cut, and nothing makes one feel better than a good haircut. so here's a before picture:


and here's after:


i feel so much better.....

Sunday, May 15, 2005

what's worse...

this movie or it's soundtrack?

b/c they are both pretty f**king horrible.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

smoking stats

FOUR MONTHS TODAY!!! 1800 cigs not smoked! (yet the crave continues...)


okay. a crazy few days but now i'm catching my breath and able to process it a bit. my wee girl has epilepsy -- displayed by something sly and sneaky called Absence (or, Petit Mal) Seizures.
in order to control the seizures, she started taking Zarotin last night. i'm hoping it won't be too sedating for her in the mornings at school.
so yeah, it's 5:06 a.m. and i'm awake after a horribly restless sleep. it was NOT easy to get her to take that pill, as she has never swallowed one before. attempts with water were futile, so we stepped up to placing the pill in with a spoon of yogurt and she was able to swallow it easily then. yay for yoplait!
so yeah. stressful. and she is having a hard time understanding what really happens, as she has no memory of it except she'll sort of notice a lapse of time from before and after -- like when she's in school and it happens and she realizes she's fallen behind in what the teacher is doing or saying. i'm just hoping that she outgrows them as many kids do. but for now, we've got three years (starting from the first day of no seizures) of meds to think about. but at least there is something we can do.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i love this rubbish

dig this movie on USA right now...too good to be true. and i almost missed this for "House of Wax" -- madness!

Monday, May 09, 2005

things i thought about whilst being tossed about in a mosh pit

maybe the term "mosh pit" is not accurate. not sure if moshing was actually happening -- maybe the term "pushing from side to side pit" is closer. things that crossed my mind in my first (and last) experience of a pit at a large-scale concert:
1. yay! i have health insurance!
2. i must apologize for my elbow in that girl's back
3. did her back just crack from my push? i hope she can still walk.
4. maybe i just need to stand firmly.
5. maybe i just need to go with the wave of movement.
6. maybe i should stop noticing all those 5'2" girls who are being hustled out of the pit for fear of being trampled to death.
7. maybe i should get out of this pit before i fall and cannot get up.
8. i wish everyone would realize that you cannot see trent with all this pushing and shoving.
9. i must exit pit.
(i exit pit and, 1 minute later)
10. i might throw up. wait, no, i'm okay. i can see trent quite clearly.


i'm 30 today!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

weird melancholy day

not brought on by anything. just a weird, glum day. maybe i need more sleep. maybe i need less sleep. more caffeine, less soda, more flouride, less bad fats, more good fats.
i think that today is just going very slowly, with it being pretty calm with no massive deadlines looming today --- the opposite of tomorrow, friday and monday.
i kind of wish that offices had the equivalent to a nurse's office in an elementary school -- a room with a cot or two where you can rest up a bit . i need a cot.
or maybe, just maybe, it's time for me to start risperdal again. nuts. we'll see how long this lasts.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

in the mail today...

guess what came in the mail today...
and what of "with teeth?"

it's may 3!

okay, so i get my ticket in the mail today -- hurrah!
and the nin album is out today -- hurrah! (but target doesn't open until 8...feh.)

it's 7 a.m. and i need breakfast. something along the lines of freshly squeezed orange juice, french toast, bacon and some scrambled eggs.
but cookie crisp and a glass of flat coke on the side will have to suffice, as our award-winning french chef has the day off.

i have a pile of clothing/towels/sheets in my room, on the floor, that i need to remove and take downstairs and wash. but it is hard to gather momentum for such an event, as i would need to go at it with a running start and there is not that much space to do that.

the cruel alarm just went off to remind me that i do need to get out of bed today. but it's warm here. and there is a dog sleeping at the foot of the bed.

my girl got a vocal solo in her music program this week ---- yay for talented, lovely girl!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

new celebrity crush

new celebrity crush
Originally uploaded by kllnin.

we saw the remake of "amityville horror" today and i've an addition to my list of celebrity crushes...