Thursday, July 23, 2009

tough night with the wee lad

cutting a molar ... horrendous diaper rash brought on by antibiotics, a week where his schedule was very different bc his dad was out if town ... yeah, oskar let us know in no uncertain terms tonight that he was PISSED. totally pissed. and tired. with burning, sore skin no matter how I slathered on the diaper cream.

(on that topic, I usually take no issue with the store version brand of anything.... but the target brand of desitin SUCKS. just an FYI for anyone who cares.)

currently he's being danced around the living room by his daddy, which is good for not only the two of them, but me too. it's sweet to see and nice to be reminded that oskar is willing to take comfort from someone else after a week of intense mommy attachment.