Wednesday, March 30, 2005

(it's almost) time for me to fly

and now you can all have the shitty REO Speedwagon song stuck in your head like i do b/c of this crap oldies station on at work right now. i am enjoying a longer lunch break than usual. which i like to do but can't very often.
so we're heading off to denver tomorrow afternoon, where mr. shane august hansen will pick us up and cart us back to his humble abode in colorado springs for the weekend. yay! vacation! all i've ever wanted.... oh bugger, i can't stop this.
and today saw the first thunderstorm of spring and it was GREAT!
tomorrow will be the first time that abbey will be on a plane....hopefully she'll like it and hopefully i can hide the fact that i feel horrible during that half hour process preparing to land.
tickets to colorado: 222 per person
snacks to take on flight b/c they airlines don't offer free meals: 3.99
not vomitting in the plane: priceless.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

i was outbid.

so i bid more. i know i won't get the tickets, but a girl has got to try.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

the quest for chicago nin tix

okay, so i just bid on ebay for 2 nin tickets -- there are only 2.75 days left of the auction (it just began at 9.99 today) and i'm sure i'll be outbid at some point in time, but i had to give it that old college try. (and that is coming from girl who has been a college junior for three years.) we'll see what happens. maybe it will be an easter miracle. or maybe i'll just spend may 7 at home and pissy instead of in chicago at the nin concert.

what i'm doing tonight

we're going to watch "lost in la mancha." and i'm having a vodka/cranberry. and i'm getting caught up on too much laundry left undone, while rediscovering clothes i forgot i had. dustin is listening to rap in ye olde computer room. dixie is enjoying the nice spring evening on the porch.
i think i have the opposite mindset about my body than i used to have. in high school and early college i'd see myself and i'd see a fatty fatty bo batty. now i see myself in a mirror and i by no means see someone svelte, but i don't look THAT bad. well, i just caught a glimpse of myself in the background of a photo and HOLY CRAP. thoughts i had at that moment:
"did i NOT realize that there was a camera in the vicinity? am i not in the habit of sucking in my stomach? wait...i was sucking in my stomach and i STILL look like that?"
ahh, neuroses.

quote of the day

name the movie this comes from:
"...and you don't want us exposing ourselves!"
hint: a hugely underrated sequel.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Originally uploaded by kllnin.

this picture -- which i found while looking for clip art at work today -- freakin' rocks! go botox lady!

just in case you still liked fast food...

okay, i had a tuna fish sandwich once -- homemade -- so when i found a hair in it (i'm gagging as i remember this) i knew it wasn't a tragedy, but the hair in my throat made me vomit.
now replace the sandwich with chili from Wendy's. HOLY CRAP.
nothing can make that okay. nothing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

it seems like only yesterday....

that dustin was 27. oh wait, it was.....this calls for a boldface font!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

an odd sensation

not a good sensation. maybe the word "melancholy" should come to mind. it's as though i haven't even the energy to do much at all. in fact, this typing seems exhausting, therefore i shall watch the movie i've just brought home from blockbuster -- "american nightmare" -- i don't expect much greatness, just some minor distraction from my dreary mood.
why dreary? not sure. but dustin just did something really funny.
tomorrow is therapy. tomorrow is work and there seems to be unrest in the midst of my department, some drama that i don't wish to be a part of, but being that i work there, i will be in the midst of it. nuts. i just want to put the newspaper together, send it off and be on my way home. is that so much to ask?
my throat hurts. i think i have the hurt. i know what'll help... booze! only kidding...i'm cracking open a 20 oz. of coke as i write this, b/c THAT will help a sore throat -- an acidic, carbonated beverage just loaded with sugar.
this is me too lazy to move my fingers around the keyboard in an understandable manner...osajkfd;lnmlskjz;cnvm ,l;kjzncvm, nifjhxvbiujscsojohihjivhxvjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
jkvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxzwoooooooszjkxnmc,sbfc;xknvmbv sihzjkclhbvouwrghujvkxz;.kjvhh
or it could be some obscure language that only I know.

sunday, sunday, sunday

my throat hurts. it's sunday and i've spent the better part of my day (after dad and leona went back to n.d.) browsing while all the while lacking the critical decision-making skills necessary to actually make a purchase. then i purchased. hurrah!
now we are using a dvd player cleaning dealio and it is taking a long time, which leads me to believe that:
1. our player is filthy
2. the cleaner is non-functional
3. we don't know how to work this damn thing

i'll go with "all of the above" on the lil' quiz.
i'm sleepy.
last night we had some folks over to our humble abode to celebrate dustin's upcoming 28th birthday -- note that his cadaver politik blog (linked at right) has a fresh and shiny new look to it...

time to watch an eddie izzard disc we've not seen...hurrah, twice!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

gift ideas, anyone?

i just blogged a super long blog. and then it didn't post after thinking about it for a minute or two. and now i've nothing to say. shite.
oh...dust's birthday is on the 22nd...any gift ideas, anyone? buying a couple of $20 hookers is SOOO last year.


i just blogged a super long blog. and then it didn't post after thinking about it for a minute or two. and now i've nothing to say. shite.
oh...dust's birthday is on the 22nd...any gift ideas, anyone? buying a couple of $20 hookers is SOOO last year.

awww, nuts.

i just blogged a super long blog. and then it didn't post after thinking about it for a minute or two. and now i've nothing to say. shite.
oh...dust's birthday is on the 22nd...any gift ideas, anyone? buying a couple of $20 hookers is SOOO last year.

Monday, March 14, 2005

what a GREAT production day

the following is a version of that stupid aol commercial, but it's my real life today:

"i hope that on my tightest production deadline day, my hard drive fries like my pale skin in the hot desert sun."

Sunday, March 13, 2005

nick and jessica have no fat friends

it's true. at least not any that are on the show. and it's been said that this is their last season of "newlyweds," which means there might still be time for them to show that they do, in fact, have fat friends.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

2 freakin' months

2 freakin' months
Originally uploaded by kllnin.

and it seems like only yesterday that this really sucked. oh wait, it was only yesterday. anyhow, go me.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

a blog of note.

dustin has some good thoughts on the PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE. give it a read.


Originally uploaded by kllnin.

some say it takes a village. i say it takes a lemur.

And the answer to the movie question is....


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a great joke from abbey

what cartoon character says the most swear words?

roadrunner..."beep beep!"

a funny comment

okay, so i emailed a friend of ours a NIN audio link and this was his reponse...

Subject line: Giddy Boner
Thanx I hadn't heard that yet! "The line begins to blur" gave me a giddy
boner. AAAAhhh! I'm so excited I could poo!"

AWESOME!!! and comments like that is EXACTLY why he is invited to every party we have!

fine! i give in!

okay, here is a synopsis of my post that i deleted:
"it's sunday night. i'm really drunk off of wine...blah blah blah, something witty, something humiliating, something self loathing, blah blah blah." it's as though it was never deleted at all.

Monday, March 07, 2005

guess what movie i'm watching?

here's a clue:
"burn in hell, you little green bastard!"


blogging under the influence is a bad thing, therefore i've deleted the that post to minimize the amount of people who see me as a total asshat.

Friday, March 04, 2005


dustin tried ticketmaster, but those FUCKING WHORE TICKET BROKERS and everyone else in the free world beat him out in just a few minutes. and i can't afford to pay 100+ per ticket from an evil broker, so i'm missing the concert. shite.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

smoking stats

Time Smoke-Free:
49 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes and 57 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked:
Lifetime Saved: 4 days, 11 hours
Money Saved: $88.20

hmmm....what would be a good reward for me? i'm thinking maybe some freakin' NIN tickets if i can beat out the rest of the free world on friday at 5 p.m.

woke at 5 a.m. today after a dream that i was pregnant but without health insurance. maybe calling that a "dream" is not entirely accurate.

i should start my day. anyone have any suggestions for checking gmail on a mac os 9 system? i heart gmail, but it's a bit of a snobby program.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


people who buy tickets for concerts that are on presale for the hardcore-list-belonging fans and then SCALP THEM ON EBAY for more than THREE TIMES THEIR PRICE should be BEATEN AND BEATEN AND BEATEN!!!
in answer to your question, no, we didn't get tickets today... the presale tix sold out before we got some. so i guess we'll try again on friday. but i'm really really pissy about those fuckers on ebay who are scalping tix that should have gone to MEEEEEEE!
fuckers. grrr.