Thursday, November 30, 2006

i love Scrubs.

“people are bastard covered bastards with bastard filling.”


Saturday, November 25, 2006

whew! gotta catch up on blogging!

okay, so my big news o' the day...i got boots that make me feel like i'm a fraction close to looking as hot as i've always wanted to. and they fit my monster calves, so another plus for lil' ol me.

had a nice holiday weekend with the husband and the kiddo -- watched a LOT of gilmore girls and had some mother-daughter bonding. the week before that we were host to the famous p-funk.

today's agenda? eventually i'll collapse due to my inability to sleep through the night and the necessity of waking up very early today to get kiddo on the road with her dad. and i look forward to that collapse. until then.. LAUNDRY. i'm not kidding. lately i'm a bit of a cherry-picker when doing laundry: i do what i need for the next few days and then hope for the best. sadly this can sustain me no longer and i MUST DO EVERY BIT OF LAUNDRY IN SITE. (maybe the sleep collapse will happen soon, so i can procrastinate a bit longer.)

other than that, just doing the daily work thing and mentally preparing myself for the trip to minot in less than a month.

Friday, November 17, 2006

thoughts from my work day

when someone at your lunch table is eating food cooked in oyster sauce, you will NEVER get the smell out of your nose. it will be all you smell, all day long. in fact, you’ll even think that somehow it got on you because you smell it in your hair.

when you put on a shirt in the morning that you’ve not worn for months because it makes you feel frumpy, don’t wear it to work. that frumpy feeling was NOT just your imagination and you most certainly will have that feeling for as long as you wear it. if you have only that shirt clean, go ahead and wear a dirty one.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

happy birthday, terry!

had a good ol' time at the townhouse last night -- and yes, the pictures are correct, my hair is black again.

me and husband.

terry singin' a little rocky mountain high...sweet sweet john denver.

miss molly is SUPERB!

we are aging, but gracefully.

laura, you are a charmer. and you make damn fine cupcakes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

one for my homeys

silliest song line EVER

“you know i feel so dirty when they start talkin’ cute, i wanna tell her that i love her but the point is probably moot.”


sweet, sweet onion.

well done, onion!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

a must read post

sublimely mundane says it all.

movies, politics, religion, etc.

props to michelle for this goody .

just saw the movie "jesus camp" today. and although i'm still processing it as of now, i think my immediate reaction was "eww." i'd like to say that the crazy lady that runs the camp in devils lake DOES NOT represent what i think of as my home state. it's scary, and i don't like the idea of recruiting children to be part of "god's army." i think i'm too tired and too horrified by what i saw in the movie to form even a slightly-articulate assessment of the movie, but suffice it to say that i think it was well done. they turned the cameras on and you see first-hand some scary stuff. eight, nine, ten year olds talking in "tongues" (gibberish) while weeping and declaring how they were SAVED at the tender age of five. (saved? from what? elmo?)

there is also a beautifully ironic scene with the hypocrite ted haggard.

the crazies are outbreeding the rest of us. and they are militant. and they are being trained in north dakota. *shudder*

WAIT! i just saw this on The Google:

Pastor will shut down controversial kids camp

Thursday, November 09, 2006

are we in the reality-based universe suddenly???




aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Monday, November 06, 2006


i hate emoticons. i really do, therefore i have created some of my own. feel free to add what you have as well.

{}:”{p = go fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on

&*)(^*] = you taped over my reruns of Friends, you bastard

%@:) = yes, i’ve totally been taking my medication

<*:^> = i might just throw myself out the window



my first task on a monday morning?


preflighting signs that promote gwen stefani.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

blue is the new black.

and she wanted it done with NO INFLUENCE FROM ME!!! can you believe it? can you believe I was the one who kept saying, "are you SURE you want blue?" she's so freaking cool.