Monday, July 31, 2006


you did what? you recorded a cover of “tainted love,” the classic soft cell song? what is WRONG with you? can’t you just be content to traipse around like 20 dollar hookers, glistening with what i hope is just sweat? you’ll burn in hell for this, pussycat dolls. you will.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

sick no more

so i'm finally getting over my icky, "wish i could remove my throat and scrape it off with a spoon" sort of sickness i developed on wednesday, so things are looking up. a DELIGHTFUL sensation of swallowing sharp rocks without actually having to swallow sharp rocks.. i'm a lucky girl.

yes, i'm blogging, which can only mean one thing: yes, i am using my sister's laptop again while my husband and brother in law battle it out on the ps2.

tomorrow i think we'll see "lady in the water," and hope for the best. will it be scary? will it have a twist (village)? will it have no twist at all (signs)? i'm on the edge of my seat to answer that question. (that's not true. i'm sitting quite comfortably with my feet up on an ottoman.)

i can't even believe how busy worki has been. and this laptop i'm typing on just beeped at me. stop beeping, you silly pc.

my department at work is networked so that we can all share our itunes, and whilst perusing a coworker's selection i noticed that he had the pussycat dolls collection. before i begin complaining about how i think they are total crap, i'll preface it by saying it's NOT JUST BECAUSE i can't prance around in skin-baring get-ups. i think they suck in the same way any other "band" sucks when they don't play any instruments, write their own songs, etc. in fact, calling them a band is not accurate in any way at all.

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, they have recorded a version of "tainted love." yes, THAT song. that delightfully '80s song by Soft Cell. they have it on their album. so in my quest for misery, i listened to this cover while at work.


it's so wrong. and why do they have to do that? can't they just be content to strut around in lingerie to crap that i didn't like to begin with? i hope you burn in hell, pussycat dolls.

i'm all tired from my rant. must sleep.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

i'm watching my brother in law and my husband play manly shoot-em-up games on ps2 right now, while using my sister's laptop and it's making me miss the use of my laptop so much it's breaking my heart a little bit. (maybe i should think of all those kids in africa who don't even HAVE laptops.)

this weekend was filled with all sorts of projects... curtains from ikea, printing up some wedding photos, a little bit of cleaning, washing the dog and sweating as much as... someone who lives in heat and humidity. how do people in the south manage this? I HATE THIS WEATHER. i am in the wrong climate entirely. i always complain during the really brutal winter too, however you can always put more clothing on in those temperatures. when it's this hot outside, there's really only so much you can take off and still run to the store.

root canal number 2 of 3 is this wednesday... and OF COURSE this crap has to happen before my insurance begins in september. that's how it works. just like a car knows when you've gotten your tax return that it's a good time to begin bleeding oil, your teeth know when you've got just six damn weeks to go for coverage.

the root canal is not so terrible -- i'm adequately numbed and my dentist is great. however it's when the shots wear off that i'm horribly miserable. damn these teeth of mine.

and they are EXPENSIVE. holy god, so expensive. and it's not something that i can put off, b/c the whole damn reason i need the root canals is because i put off dental work for so effing long.

the fault is mine, and mine alone. (and the coca-cola company for making their soda SO DAMN TASTY.)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Mediocre Lunch (from Mattell)

i had every intention of writing a long, in-depth blog entry during my lunch break today. then i had to eat. then mix up a bottle of crystal light. pretty soon i'll have to go out and smoke. crap. well i updated my profile photo at least.

today's lunch: michelena's chicken teriyaki and rice

authenticity on a scale of 1 to 10: -77

the strangest thing i've had happen in a long time:

while walking out to smoke after lunch i felt something in my shoe. i noticed it earlier but thought the insole was slipping. then i felt it between my toes. i removed my shoe and what do you think i found?

a balloon. a small, un-inflated green balloon.