Saturday, July 30, 2005

another nice thing about this weekend

amy and jege will be in town this weekend -- let the searing wit begin!

Friday, July 29, 2005

a better day

yes, a better day. my girl is back from camp -- that was a loooong, long six days -- and things are slowly working themselves out. we just returned from the drive-in theater where we saw our second viewing of "charlie & the chocolate factory." going to the drive-in with abs is great.
i must sleep. more soon...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


a shite day. no good, i tell you.

top o' the morning..

6:40 a.m. and if i fall back to sleep there is no way i'll get up in time for work. so blog i shall.

we're on day four of the kiddo being at camp --- gulp. i can't wait to see her on friday! this is probably something that is good for her and me and the other parental units in some sort of really gutwrenching way, but holy crap -- it's tough.

this weekend also holds the possibility of seeing all three of the lein girls... hurrah! then i can convince the two that live elsewhere to move here. i'll do what i can and report my success at a later time.

have begun walking (for exercise, not just getting from one room to the next) on a somewhat regular basis, and i have discovered that unless i have the dog with me, there is no way that i'll be able to walk more than a few blocks without the seeds of boredom planting themselves into my lil' brain. when walking aforementioned dog, i don't worry about how fast i'm walking, if it's far enough and if my heart rate is at the proper spot for burning fat -- i just kind of walk until i see my dog dragging her feet. which is usually after about 12 blocks, so here's hoping 12 blocks is enough to really get my arse into shape.

perhaps i ought to invest in a pedometer. not a bad idea, really.

mad props out to the soul brother p-funk for getting a new and improved gig. and it's a gig that offers cheap airfare, so rock on to him.

and now the time for getting ready for work is upon me.

can you believe it's nearly august?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

funny story from meg's house

okay, so meg's former roommate, theresa, told a story about her hermit crab named pope john paul II. and this hermit crab died the day after the actual pope john paul II died. WEIRD!

funny quote:
"no room for asscrack at work." theresa, again.

"jesus saved us from our sins, so he better have a sense of humor." theresa, again!

a funny night all around. pictures to follow.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friday, July 22, 2005

tomorrow is the day!

NIN tickets go on sale for the st. paul show. and we shall have them. oh yes, we shall indeed have them.

do two wrongs make a right?

should i feel badly about this man's sentence? because i kind of don't. now i shall burn in hell, i suppose. it's just too bad that the girl's friends and family didn't get a crack at this guy first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


well i'm on hold with banfield pet hospital, as it's time to make the appointment for the dear boy kichon. it's all kinds of sad and i wish i had a surefire way of being able to tell if he's in pain or not -- but he seems to not so much look around, but rather he squints and winces...i'll read that as pain, i guess.
sad stuff.
and that's i have to report from my "i'm so tired and exhausted from exercising in our blistering heat" existence. more to follow...but until then, here's some fun INFORMATION, from the folks who brought you risperdal.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A headline just for Emily.

As seen in the Star Tribune:

"Mexico orders evacuation as Emily approaches."

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Updates on our friend, Emily

Sounds like Emily was in Grenada this past week, where her winds tore up at least 100 homes, tore roofs from 2,000 more, destroyed crops and flooded scores of buildings. That's a full weekend, Em! And where are you now? Emily is centered about 130 miles south-southwest of the Jamaican capital and 335 miles southeast of Grand Cayman as of this morning.
Emily struck hard in Grenada, especially in the north and in the outlying islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. What's your problem with Grenada, huh, Em? Huh? What did Grenada ever do to you?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

update on emily

It appears that finishing up the masters thesis must be running smoothly, as this update just came in from cnn:

"Emily does not appear to pose a threat to the United States. Emily arrived in the Windward Islands at the eastern edge of the Caribbean Wednesday evening"

Whew! Do give a call when you return from the Islands, Em!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

get this guy!!!!!

i hope someone recognizes this guy and kicks his ass. that's MY CUB STORE! that's it...i'm shopping at Byerly's.

Holy Crap!

hurricane girls
Originally uploaded by kllnin.

Emily is a force to be reckoned with! But wait...what do I see north of Emily? Could that be Tropical Storm Amy?


the video for "only" is pretty boss.

the poor cat...

okay, so here are some test results for kichon/keeshaun/keysean:
(mind you, i've not a clue what these mean, but they are not good:

ALT: normal range between 10-100; his is 626.
Bilirubin: normal is .1-.4; his is 10.3.
Another one that i can't recall: normal is between 6 and 102; his is 888.

so although these tests (and their names) are somewhat cryptic to me, the prognosis is no good. although he is eating a little more voluntarily, so maybe we can turn it around yet. but the kiddo was wondering about the results, so she is aware that he may not last too long.

enjoying the a/c in the bedroom a great deal right now. already counting down the days until abbey is back in school (a month and a half), just so that she can be more...scheduled.

our two smallest kittens -- zebra and chewbacca -- were play-fighting tonight and they jumped up in the air toward each other, ala The Matrix -- it was sweet.

hoping for the tar-feathering process of karl rove, but also fully aware of the habit of w. not to keep his word. so we'll see what happens. if only people would take to the streets about this the way they took to the streets for michael lady released doves, for f**ks sake!

so there's all the political stuff i have in me. i've not really commented on the bombing in london, except to say that i'm glad that david and tanuel are well and were not caught in harm's way. that harm, he's a bastard. and he's got chronic halitosis. and bloodshot eyes.

so now what is my comment? the official "it's blog, it's blog" comment? that is to say that the brits got right back on the buses/trains without a beat. they got back on in droves and to that i say "cheers!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Props to Jege for the inspiration on this post (and nothin' but the love for you, Em):


"Emily Picks Up Speed" (that has all sorts of undertones, doesn't it?)

"Emily churns up prices"

"Emily is moving toward the west near 20mph."

"Emily sets record."

"Emily strengthening; warnings issued."

And if Emily becomes a full on hurricane, here are some phrases that COULD come about (and yet still describe our beloved Ellermee)--props again to Jege:

"Emily causes Major damage"

"Emily rips through Miami"

"49 dead in Emily's wake"

and, i crap you negative, this phrase was actually describing Hurricane Edna in 1954:

"... will be remembered as a wet storm."

six freakin' months...

six freakin' months...
Originally uploaded by kllnin.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


...the time of my life.....
oh, this is the craziest, SWAYZIEST movie ever!
here it comes...
"nobody puts baby in the corner."

back home...and packing again...

okay, so i've not blogged for nearly a damn week. i'm bad. we returned tuesday from north dakota (deering/minot, specifically) and will be returning (grand forks) tomorrow to return on monday. yay for vacation days!

on a sad note, our cat keeshaun (however you spell it, b/c we rarely have to) has lost a huge amount of weight lately, so we took him to the vet today. sadly the boy's liver is failing to function, so tonight we'll be force feeding him with a syringe and tomorrow we take him to the vet for the day in the hopes that he'll be rehydrated and will begin eating enough on his own. but the prognosis isn't great, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

i'm watching a bit of the bravo channel right now and "being bobby brown" just came on. what in the hell is this? it's a bit alarming that bobby brown is the sensibile one in the relationship. i was a fan of whitney back in the day. i had her first tape when i was in fifth grade. she seems a bit more...unhinged than she used to. is that a result of huge amounts of fame? fame waning? being a bit baked from drug addiction?
now i'm waiting for john "the captain" hughes to make a joke about bobby brown's perrogative. bring it, captain!

bobby calls whitney his queen. dustin never calls me his queen anymore. wait. he's never called me his queen. hmm. and with that, it's laundry time.
hey! "dirty dancing" is on the abc family channel!
"no one puts baby in a corner." but that line will come later. it's the scene where patrick swayze is leaving the resort while "she's like the wind" plays softly in the background.

funny side note: dixie was just knawing on something and i got her attention to see what it is... well she turned around and there is a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. okay, i've just checked the bathroom and all toothbrushes are accounted for, so i'm guessing she found an old one somewhere. but it was a funny thing to see. and this saves me the trouble of performing dental hygiene upon her.
is regular toothpaste bad for dogs? b/c you know, i'm tempted.

it's nearly time to wrastle a syringe of half food/half water into the poor cat's mouth. hmm. i feel so badly that we didn't catch it sooner, but when your cat is a hiding cat for the most part (lein girlz, he's similar to paddington, who would hide in you parent's room) and he's covered in long black fur, it's tough to tell that they have lost much weight and that his skin is yellowing. sad.

now would be a good time to find bag of money. i've not found one yet, but there's always tomorrow.

Friday, July 01, 2005

i want to see....

.... THIS movie. but only if it's not another switcheroo "we think she's the victim but really she's the murderer because she has another personality" sort of movie. b/c i've seen a lot of those lately.
getting the bags packed for nodak. it looks like tonight will be spent in bismarck, then we'll arrive into the magic city sometime tomorrow.... here's to a long, long drive.


so i'm getting ready to return to my homeland -- the one and only magic city, minot. well, deering, more specifically, as we shall descend upon the hansen farmstead like the locusts we are. and we're bring along not only the delightful abbey but also the dog named dixie, so it should be an interesting nine hours in a car.
hell week at work is winding down, so hopefully tomorrow won't be as horribly f**king irritating at today was. fingers crossed on that one, though.
so, anything exciting going on in minot this weekend? anyone?