Thursday, February 21, 2008

a trip to the liquor store...

... when you are very very pregnant always ends in hilarity. or in awkwardness.

we have some lovely friends who are helping us move this weekend and in exchange for their kindness, i'm making chili and giving them beverages. so i went into the liquor store this afternoon and there's just no getting around people staring when you are waddling around in your pregnant state whilst carrying a bottle of jack daniels and a bottle of smirnoff.

do you use the old "it's not for me!" line with the clerk preemptively, so that social services isn't called? i figured i wouldn't say anything unless something was said to me first.

i may as well have had a crack pipe in my mouth and a tourniquet on my arm, the way he stared at me before ringing me up.

1 comment:

John Hughes (Not the director) said...

You really need to start drinking in the morning again. ;)