Monday, February 25, 2008

moving status: slowly but surely...

abbey's room has changed from pepto to white at her request... now we just have to put the rest of the room together.

this is the baby's room, which is currently storing much of abbey's possessions. much to be done.

family room on the lower level. note the boxes of dvds yet to be placed -- this weekend a trip to ikea for a shelf is in order. (also, our cat seems to have laser eyes.)

the bedroom with the daily load of laundry piled high. that's my chore before bedtime.

and our living room, as seen from the dining room. can you see the sleeping dustin?

tomorrow afternoon begins the cleaning spree at the old place. bah. BAH, i say. but i want our deposit back, so clean i must.

my stomach is getting bigger. MUCH bigger. just a couple of months to go...


Esther Wilberforce-Packard said...

Y'all fix up some corn pone in that there hearth yet? I'll send Zebediah over with some venisons and the red red squirrels he done trapped last evenin'.

Benito said...

most excellent looking digs!