Tuesday, February 27, 2007

holy carp!

who loves screenshots?
the video=SO GOOD. (true, trent could read out of a freaking phone book and i'd declare "genius!") seriously. SO GOOD. and can i just add that surround sound is AMAZING? those crazy kids and their technology.

it definitely is a nice end to a really long and, at times, incredibly shite day.

more? why not!

on a completely different topic, why is it so hard to change how we are hardwired, how we react to things? logically we can see something in our lives for exactly what it is, yet something in us goes completely ballistic and later we are left feeling something very close to embarassment.

how do we all have those buttons that are pushed with very little effort, most time by accident, and then it makes us spit out all the hateful little thoughts we try not to have -- let alone verbalize. we unravel into a mess of anger and bile (not ACTUAL bile, but you know what i mean) when so very often it's completely NOT WORTH IT.

maybe that is why love is such a wonder. not because of the hearts and flowers and warm fuzzy feelings and fireworks, but a complete wonder because no matter what horrible things come out of our mouths, no matter how spiteful and grude-worthy they may be, there is still someone in this world who loves us -- who chooses to be with us. it is a absolute mystery.

and the next great wonder of the world: how will i EVER finish all the laundry i have to do? (ooh, i'm on the edge of my seat to solve this one!)


pb said...

Ohhh trent how I love thee. Beautiful stills. I think they will go in the spank back.

I think its time to make a withdrawl.

amycita said...

man, Trent has been working out! He's emo buff!

kari said...

i know! isn't that weird?