Thursday, May 08, 2014

I make no promises ...

... that I will make daily posts. Especially when it's late at night and my posts are being made by typing on my phone with my thumb.

But I'm stepping back into the blogging room. How very 2006 of me!

A quick synopsis of where I am in life:

My oldest child is less than one month from high school graduation. My middle child just turned 6, and my youngest is 3-1/2. I'm home during the days and work 4-5 nights a week at a fantastic kid-gear resale shop. I turn 39 in about an hour. 

And my youngest is STILL AWAKE. Right now. 10:50pm. I suspect she is wearing me down to complete weakness so I don't argue when she asks for a Monster High doll tomorrow. I will simply nod my head and hope to god the doll will distract her enough to allow me a nap.

I started an additional blog a whole ago, I need my daughter's permission to divulge the address, bc it's dealing with an issue that is hers. I think it's worth sharing.

Can anyone bring me a Dr. Pepper? I'm parched. And lazy.

So my blog is back. Again. Maybe.


Dr Gonzo said...

Love ya Kari.
Happy bday, you are one of the few humans that is filled with awesome.

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