Thursday, September 06, 2007

i know how you feel, crystal...

i feel BLEH in regards to blogging as well. i feel as though i have nothing to say, nothing to report. does anyone really want to know ANYTHING i'm doing? let's see.... i work. i check my email. i clean the house. i do laundry. i nap. my abbey days are fun days, but then the last thing i want to do when i'm with her is to dink around on the computer.

i've just looked to my left and realized that the shirt i'm wearing is covered in cat hair. enough cat hair, actually, to create another cat. gross. i watched disc one of the first season of Weeds and, if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it.

i've not been doing much on The Youtube, and i'll tell you why... i'm kind of past that. yeah. i don't think i'm exhibitionist enough to keep that up. who's got the time? i like the idea of it, but i think it's a wholelottawork that i'm just not into right now.

okay. naptime. for real.


David said...

As a non-blogger, I may not have say in this, but I think I know why I see a downturn in blogging frequency recently, even on the bulwark sites like Defective Yeti and Mighty Girl: unstructured writing is not as compelling to traditionally "good" writers as structured writing.

I mean, I love nothing more than acting, but I'm not gonna spend all day standing on the street corner pretending to be Benvolio, you know? You wanna produce a play, I'm there. A film - call me immediately. You want me to come over to your house and pretend to be Chance Wayne? Not so much.

There are bloggers out there, I'm certain, for whom blogging is a calling, and they feel about it like I feel about acting. But for writers with a more traditional skillset, blogging (it seems to me) is an endeavor whose attraction will wax and wane, and (eventually) mostly wane. Just my humble opinion.

I bet you could write a kick-ass 1100 word essay about the I35 bridge situation, or a 600-800 word review of Sicko. And, I bet when you read it back to yourself, it'll be a lot more satisfying than blogging.

I could be wrong. But I don't think I am. That doesn't mean I don't value blogs -- I read my 20 or so regulars every day. And I always enjoy yours. But I wonder if the pressure of regular blogging isn't outweighing the joy for you because you've got more traditional stuff inside that wants to get out.


kari said...

hey david -- does this mean you won't come to my house and pretend to be Chance Wayne?

i do see what you mean, and i think you are half-right. i usually really enjoy having no structure to writing, b/c there is absolutely no expectation i have to meet and it's just a way to let my brain contents spill out onto the page. i think, lately, there's been stuff going on in "real" life that i'm not at liberty to discuss and when that happens, my blogging takes a downward turn.

in short, if i can't share EVERYTHING on my blog, than it's as though i can't share anything at all.

did that make sense?

David said...

For you? Yeah, okay -- I'll do it. Next time I'm in Mpls, you'll have a 30ish pill-popping, STD-riddled narcisist lamenting his lost youth exploding all over your house. Wait -- Chance Wayne or David Nett? The description fits either way.

It does make sense, re: the all or nothing blogging. And I hear you about blogging freeing you to spill your brain without expectation.

Hopefully, you'll be free of the "not at liberty" bit soon.


Crystal said...

in the past 3 days, i have found the solution, kari.

lots and lots and lots of wine.

and lots.