Thursday, May 15, 2008

a moment to catch my breath....

the boy is asleep on the couch, i've just eaten a bagel with cream cheese and i'm in the midst of folding laundry... time to blog, i say!

and now of course he's beginning to stir, so this blog post may be short-lived. but can i just say that i'm fast losing patience for our pets? seriously. NO PATIENCE. i've never thought dogs to be super-intelligent, but my dog actually NEEDS me to point to her food and say, "Eat, Dixie." and our cats? ugh. obsessed with sitting in oskar's swing, in oskar's car seat, in oskar's co-sleeper, on oskar's changing table...

and the boy is up! mom time is now.

*false alarm*
i have returned -- as is the feeling in my left hand after a good two months of numbness from carpal tunnel fun. my next goal in motherhood is to buy some printer paper that can be ironed onto clothing -- must make some NIN shirts for the boy, and maybe some Obama shirts to boot.

since i've already accomplished most of what i set out to do in an entire day, i feel completely justified in sitting around, playing word games on facebook and watching marathon episodes of Ghosthunters. it'll be a nice lil' thursday 'round here.

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