Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a momont to breathe ...

sitting on the bed, the boy has fallen asleep while leaning against me post bath.
let me explain the past 20 minutes...

1. boy spits up a HUGE amount of liquid.
2. i clean boy up. he then makes a HUGE diaper situation, most of which -- b/c of how he was sitting in my lap -- squirts out the back.
3. i clean the boy up.
4. boy screams, indicating that, yes, i DID forget to put the butt-cream on his diaper rash, and his urine hurts it,
5. i remove diaper and while squeezing nearly-empty tube onto my funger..
6. boy pees all over his legs and my foot.
7. i put water in his lil' tubby -- but too much, b/c once i put boy into tub, water comes out by the corners (note: get better baby tub) of the damn thing.
8. i take boy out of tub and do-over tub process.
9. i clean boy up.

now he is snoozing.

am done with work for the week -- actually going back to ND this weekend for a couple o' days... anyone have ant tips for flying with an infant?



Anonymous said...

Flying with an infant.... Benadryl or some sort of alcohol mixed in with the bottle. Anything to make him sleep. If he takes a pacifier that will help clear his ears. If he is going to scream all the way it is best to charter your own flight. You could also get earplugs, that way you are not bothered by the crying. Who gives a damn about everyone else. :-)


Benito said...

Gin & juice

Jege (Jen) said...

I was on a plane once where a couple with screaming newborn twins bought everyone on the plane drinks. AWESOME.