Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bloggin' from a bathtub ...

as advised by the midwife on call at the hospital this evening, I've just had many glasses of water and now soaking in a warm tub.


I started having somewhat regular and fairly painful contractions about an hour or more ago. the theory is that if u drink a bunch of water and soak in a warm tub and they go away, it's not real labor. if after this is done and after I'm in bed awhile and it's still happening, I'll prob have to go in to get checked out.

which sucks, bc you can't just stop in and quickly get checked out, they full-on admit you to the hospital before they start checking anything.

do I think I'm in labor? i dunno. but I tossed some clothes into a suitcase, you know, just in case.

however the best way to ensure that it is real labor is to be completely unpacked and unprepared. just like the best way to stop contractions is to go to the hospital to have them checked out.

so here I sit, iPhone in hand (but out of tub range bc I'm clumsy), waiting for whatever comes next.

I'll keep you posted ...

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