Sunday, January 02, 2011

blog post 1801

that's crazy. 1801 times i've put something out there for anyone to find. odd, this crazy internet.

i'm always meaning to do more blogging/writing, but i never get around to it. those days are over. i've noticed a direct correlation between my urge to smoke a gajillion cigarettes and the amount of stress i've been dealing with, and, as i've always known, writing makes me feel better.

technology, while amazing and fun and zany (seriously? a site of cats in sweaters? FUCK YEAH!),  is creating a whole shit-storm that parents have to weather. we've come across a situation in which we need to do more monitoring of the teenager's activities online. sure, we could just go amish on her and remove her from all technology, but these days kids only communicate with each other via email, texting and online chatting, so i've just completed about 67 steps that will make accessing certain networking sites from our home computers virtually (ha! get it? virtually?) impossible.
hey, mark zuckerberg, here's a tip: MAKE IT HARDER TO GET A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. make the age 18 and require a NOTARIZED FUCKING FORM & a PHOTO ID to prove the age. i'm all for parental involvement but anyone can go to the public library and open a facebook account. i cannot possibly stand over my kid's shoulder every single time she is online.

i've spent much of today changing passwords, blocking sites, creating user accounts and modifying the settings of user accounts, changing wireless passwords and so on and so forth.

and does anyone know how to disable the wi-fi on an ipod touch? this is a mystery to me.

hey. whaddya know -- i feel a bit better. like i just purged a little bit of this crappy, bile feeling that's been rumbling in my stomach today. but without the actual horrific act of purging. thanks, blogger.

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