Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Random thought ...

that popped into my head: the art collection at the Minot public library. I have no idea why, but suddenly I was remembering walking through the aisle that displays the collection you can actually rent. then I started thinking about the hours spent using the card catalog to find books, the tapes I'd check out, I can even recall the smell of the place. I've not heard about the damage the library sustained in the flood, but I'm guessing it must've been substantial. I miss that library.
I was sort of planning it to be a crappy, stressful night -- and it mostly wasn't, except that poor Olly had a fever. now sleeping feels like what I really need.

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Andrew said...

One of my favorite memories is of the Santa Teresa Public Library in San Jose, California. I remember everything about it, including the layout, how it felt, my favorite hidey corners where I would sit and read for hours. The way it sounded from different areas of the library. Doing my research there through junior high and high school. Even the way it smelled. There's just something about a library.