Thursday, January 05, 2012

obsessed with boots.

even though i'm a girl, idon't have piles and piles of shoes. iam a size 11 and that can really fuck with your in-store shoe options, and when ido find shoes, idon't usually have money to toss around. for example, i love these UGG boots:

i also really love these goodies from Torrid:

however my true boot love is reserved for these, which i bought years ago at the minot flea market and i wore them until they fell apart and only duct tape held them together.
aren't they lovely? perfect with jeans, perfect with skirts and tights, and i need to find another pair.

this is all very shallow, isn't it? stereotypical girl-wants-shoes thing. i think I've been stressed for a while and maybe there is something to the idea of retail therapy - or even just online browsing. who knows. i know that smoking sounds pretty great (no worries, i'm not starting again) and i suddenly think that living in a shack in the middle of nowhere would be fantastic too (don't worry, i'm not wearing a hoodie or working on a manifesto). i think i'm just ... tired. more on that another time. for now, i seek boots.

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Andrew said...

It was all I could do on short notice:

And, yeah, $100+ is a little spendy, but I remember good boots costing that much the last time I bought a pair, Doc Martens 8-eyelets in maroon, btw.