Monday, March 26, 2007

my really fucked up teeth

last summer i spent a lot of money getting some root canals. i put off the crown process until my dental insurance kicked in, which i now have and was planning on getting finished up in mid april b/c my insurance is AMAZING.


last night i was chewing some nicotine gum. i chewed on the right side of my mouth where a root canaled tooth is pretty brittle and BAM, the temporary filling pulls out. so now i have these canals that i fear are exposed and am pretty concerned about the following:

1. getting food stuck in this tooth, causing an infection
2. having to miss work for a freaking dentist appointment (esp. since i have to miss work for a lame cyst-ectomy. maybe i should make all appointments for the same day...)
3. not being able to chew nicotine gum b/c i don't want this to happen again
4. smoking from stress of not using nicotine gum (patches don't work well for me)
5. the toothache i'm beginning to experience as a result of my exposed canals.

so tomorrow's plan: call dentist office and figure out the next step. i think it will be a tooth buildup and a crown. and that will start off the long journey toward a mouth of more stable teeth. THIS IS THE SUCK.

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P__L said...

I told you where you can stick your gum. No more chewing and It will get that nicotine into your system faster than you can say sfincter (not sure the spelling on that)