Saturday, March 03, 2007

those who can't do, mock.

at the older sister's tonight, watching the younger sister, her fiance, my brother in law and my husband play Halo II. and i'm notoriously BAD at playing games which require a controller more elaborate than an Atari joystick, so i'm watching. and mocking. why? because i can't play, but i can mock. and i will pepper this post with snippets of conversation.

"die, commie!"
"yay! i killed someone!"

in nin-related news (because i'm clearly obsessed), there will be a year zero listening party in minneapolis:

Tuesday, March 13 th @ 7 pm Varsity Theater 1308 4th St SE

and dude, it's totally free, so COUNT ME IN (along with the 200 angst-ridden teenagers who, back in my day, would be goth. now they are "emo.")

"i just beat you down."
"oh, shit's gonna happen now."
"you beat me down?"
"awwww...i just threw a grenade and i thought i shot you..." (upon seeing self blown up.)

this just in: (not really. i knew about this yesterday) dustin's youtube account was stripped of all video and comments because of some silly copyright issue. am considering cancelling mine out of protest, but hate the thought of depriving the world of benito's dance video.

"run away!"
"oh man, you hunted me down like a squirrel."
"you fuckin' squirrel."
"i sure was killed."

originally i was planning on seeing "the zodiac" tomorrow, but i think the amount of time i'll be awake tonight will prohibit me from functioning like a normal human. so maybe next weekend.

"longest fight ever."
"that's cause i can't hit anything. that's the problem."

oh! new glasses are upon my face! i feel normal again. and apparently they make me look a little bit older. which is fine, as i'm nearly 32 and still carded for cigarettes.

"i need my grenades. we should have more of them."
"wow, i'm useless."

this might be the LONGEST blog post i've done in a while, simply because i have not much to do while these crazy kids play with their newfangled technological devices.

what do you all think of this?

for those who do believe that jesus was the son of god, that he was the messiah, would the discover of not only his tomb, but also the tomb of his wife and child, change that for them? i don't know why it should, because do his mortal acts diminish his teachings that people follow (or claim to)? i've seen a few things in the google referring to james cameron wanting to tear down christianity, but i guess i'm lost as to why that would happen.

and i'm not a practicing christian in any way, which is why i can think such things and not fear a burning eternity in hell.

i remember when "the last temptation of christ" was released and there was a sign at our local movie theater stating that they would not be showing the movie. why? i think enough people in minot bitched about it being absurd and wrong, the mere IDEA that jesus wanted a life outside of being the messiah, that he had, you know, URGES. (i maintain that people were put off by harvey keitel's rendition of Judas as though he was from the bronx.)

so is that why this whole tomb business is rubbing everyone the wrong way? would it be impossible for people to believe -- nay -- stomach the idea of their messiah, their SAVIOR, as an ordinary man? if the majority of christians still prefer to see their paintings of jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed man, how in the HELL will this ever be acceptable?

"why don't you die?"
"cause i'm full of magic right now."
"i swear to god, i threw three grenades at your face, and you were fine."

what? my battery on this laptop is low already? damn pcs.


The Captain said...

I tell you what: if I was the savior and Barbara Hershey was Mary Magdalene, I'd be having urges, too. :)

kari said...

a favorite memory from high school: upon finishing a viewing of "the last temptation of christ," my catholic friends stacey and shannon remarked how jesus was hot... but it seemed weird to say that b/c, well, he was JESUS. our friend josh replied "be jewish. jesus can be as hot as you want him to be."

Anonymous said...

also one of my favorite memories of high school!!! wasn't it after "jesus christ superstar?"

kari said...

hmmm....that would make more sense, as ted neely was hot, whereas willem dafoe is creepy hot. i think my memory is failing me in my old age.