Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good to be home.

it's always nice to catch up with people in ND, but it's really good to be home. we were able to meet up with my pa and my ma, which is always nice.

the plane ride to minot ruled, thanks to the dramamine. the ride home --- not so much. turbulent, on the edge of a winter storm hitting minot. i will never, EVER again fly without dramamine.

isn't that just lovely? however i do think the wind helped push up to minneapolis faster. and abbey always enjoys a plane ride.

and she was very impressed with the actual glass glasses in first class.

we met up with some friends at the Blue Rider... below you see noah.

and here is patrick, taking a picture of me, taking a picture.

and dustin and paul... will their hilarity never cease?

before this we went to visit bram's grave. mind you, none of us had been back there since the funeral in october, so we kind of knew where to look. KIND OF. i think bram was probably giggling hysterically at four idiots, wandering around a cemetery in the miserable fucking cold, looking for him. we made a few phone calls then then finally found it (thanks, Joe!). well, we found the wreath that was on top of it, but the snow and ice had mostly covered all of it, so we did our best to de-ice and de-snow it. it didn't seem right to leave it covered up and not able to be found. we tried several things, including kicking at the ice with our shoe heels and pouring Heet on it (which, by the way, WON'T light on fire if on snow)... finally dustin and patrick took turns thwacking away at it and finally it was uncovered. immediately The Cure pops into my head and i completely lose my shit. we're all freezing and my toes are killing me, but i just didn't want to leave.

the rest of the weekend we spent mostly at the farm... i think abbey is delighted that she's still young/small enough to get piggyback rides from dustin.

so there's the weekend.
today's plan: read some of bram's poetry (his mom kindly gave us a copy of his poetry book), weep and then watch some TV. in short, i just need to get some rest.

but yes, it's good to be home.

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