Sunday, January 06, 2008

i'm going to rant here for a moment.

i called the dr. office this morning b/c i'm so fucking sick-- i'm now on antibiotics in the hopes that it clears up this shit i have. and because i'm so sickly and sleep-deprived, everything that's been pissing me off this week is boiling to the surface, and i'm determined to get it out of my head before beginning work today.

1. just because you have a hybrid car does not give you the right to drive like a douchebag. no, i mean it. knock it the fuck off.

2. if you are able to shower, do your hair, put on makeup, AND buy a cup of starbucks, you have no fucking business taking up space in the waiting line of the urgent care clinic. go home.

3. if there is a long line at the pharmacy, maybe you want to pay for that bottle of yoohoo up at the front register and not waste my time.

4. people who come close to hitting me head-on because there is a car-lined street, learn to fucking drive.



Jason Wood said...

After today's experience, now you never have to wonder what it's like at a Medicare clinic in Regina, Sakatchewan. Or what it's like driving on St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg.

I hope everything's going okay in pre-birthing development. I never done it personally, but I hear good things!

eM said...

I have a hybrid SUV, so can I drive like a douchebag? :)

Actually I try to be a very nice driver and when people put on their turn signal, I let them in, not play some power play to show that my penis is obviously bigger than yours because I can keep you from merging!

But if you do drive 57 in the left lane, I will get really f'ing annoyed. Seriously people, left lane means go fast or move!

I agree with the well-coiffed at urgent care though- screw them all.