Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WOW! more ranting!

i have a cube that has 1/2 walls on most of the sides.

behind me sits a row of salespeople. they have other salespeople who come to talk to them..

but they don't come to their actual cubes... no, they come and STAND IN MY CUBE FOR SOME FUCKING REASON and it makes me want to stab them with my pen.

MY CUBE! right BEHIND my chair, withing the confines of my cube. WHY? WHY?

and my cube is also the first one next to the main walkway, so for some reason, when they need to stop and talk to their salespeople, they SET THEIR CRAP on MY desk ... as if i am here to hold their shit? what?



Benito said...

Yeah set your shit elsewhere Israelite!

ungeziefer said...

Could always burn the place down...

(Did you ever get your stapler back?)

Andrew said...

When that happens to me, I have been known to say something like, "Can you take your conversation somewhere else?" Nothing I hate more.