Friday, March 05, 2010

baby made a bad, bad meal.

i'm not an experienced cook. i can make a few things (and do so on heavy rotation) ... sloppy joe's (not manwich, but real ones), tater tot hotdish, slow cooker pot roast ... yeah, that's about it as far as "from scratch" types of meals.

so i've been trying to look up recipes but often i find myself looking in the cupboards seeing only a few things, so i try to make up something.

i started with a pound of ground beef, and i figured "hey, i'll use that cream of chicken soup for a base, then add broccoli, celery and onions and put it on some pasta! i'm so fucking clever!"

beef is browned, veggies added and it's time to add the soup. i dump it in. it's no cream of chicken. it's not cream of anything. at all. it's chicken and rice soup. so no cream base at all. just watery, ricey ground beef with celery, broccoli and onions.


(at this point in time i wonder if i should just make pancakes.)

but no, i don't give up. i add pasta sauce. but there's not enough pasta sauce to balance the pound of ground beef. i eat a little bit, but it's just ... blah.

so in my last ditch attempt, i add condensed tomato soup. yeah, that's right. i took that road.

so it was tomato soup loaded with beef.

then i added a shit-ton of italian seasonings.

how did it taste?

dustin said "pretty tasty. i thought it was good."

i wasn't super impressed, but i guess i learned a valuable lesson. several lessons. like, "read labels before pouring in soup" and "if your instincts say to make pancakes, do that instead."

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