Wednesday, March 10, 2010

holy moses.

i'm really fucking queasy.
new rule: no more ground beef being cooked around here for a while.

that's all for now. must recline and think non-gagging thoughts. (in other words, no discussion of sarah palin whatsoever. oh crap... *gaggggggg*)

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Anonymous said...

hi i was looking for my sister in law kari larson and my daughter is named after her aunt kari and i am not sure if you had your baby(s) ? yet but regular soda crackers worked best for queasiness when i was pregnant....i love the ultrasound pictures and if i could ever figure how to upload my daughters i would share them with you.

tornado shmomato...don't worry about that kinda stuff becuz i grew up in so cal...los angeles and they were supposed to fall into the sea like a qajillion years ago... i am 51 and if you are supposed to be which obviously you are...then god watches over you plus all the other just need to watch comedy central...saturday night live...jay leno...ellen degenres...jimmy fallon ...and listen to music and read the comics..especially madtv...archie, betty and veronica comic books...lots of kid nick at nite and disney and blues clues and i love clifford the big red dog and laugh and ,make fun of everything and everyone...and remember you are one in a million cuz you are the sperm that swam the fastest and rolled into the egg and you are a unique individual with hidden strengths that you will find out when you need them...

congrats on the baby action

anytime you need to talk call me at 541-444-2040 collect

never fear cuz kathi is here

just remember love can surmount all odds

be brave and be happy