Wednesday, March 03, 2010


yes! determined to post a blog post EVERY DAMN DAY! even if it's just about mundane things, like the shoe store i'm taking oskar tomorrow (he has man feet that require expensive shoes) or the cool exciting thing like abbey's musical opening tomorrow!

some douchebags were giving abbey a hard time about being "just a townsperson" in the play. i hate middle school kids. and these are the same kids that always, ALWAYS give abbey crap about something. i know it still hurts her, but i'm trying to teach her to never ever ever be surprised by their crap behavior. in fact, to expect it and then if it doesn't happen, it's a pleasant surprise! i'm even coaching her with comebacks for when they do spout crap from their stupid middle school mouths...

"oh good! my day isn't complete until you insult me! thanks!"
"and here i was afraid that you'd skip a day... what a relief!"

i hate teaching her to expect shitty behavior from people. but kids like *"asshat" and *"fuckwad" leave me no real choice.

oskar is sleeping. dustin is sleeping. abbey is pretending to be asleep but is really on facebook. all is as it should be at 9 p.m.

wait ... i'm awake? crap. i guess i'll get there soon.

i think i'll also post a photo of my uterus. isn't that exciting???

so in the center you see a black oval shape -- that's the "gestational sac." and on the left you see a little blog -- that's the "yolk sac."

gross, right? just seeing the words "yolk sac" make me all gaggy.

and at this early stage there's no way to see any fetus growth whatsoever, but it's there, hiding. (either that or there's no fetal growth happening. we'll see at the next ultrasound on **March 15. fingers crossed.)

must sleep now! and since i've posted two days in a row, i wonder if ***someone else will be inspired to begin posting again. hmm.

*not actual given names, but should be.
**my kid turns 14 that very same day!
***talkin' 'bout you, andrew ho.

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