Monday, August 08, 2011

No work for me today. But sweatpants are a go.

Had a great meeting with a recruiter from an agency this morning, so fingers crossed something that is temp-to-hire pops up with my name written all over it. Will be sad to send my lil ones to full-time daycare, but relieved when I know I'll have a paycheck again someday.

Had a dream about Minot last night. It was weird bc it was supposed to be Minot but we kept saying it was Bismarck — and I was on a common road (16th, I think?) and there were no houses left, it looked like lake-front property. There were also my trademark tornadoes that are in at least one of my dreams each week. Several funnels, some touching down, others just mini little dust devils, but as usual I'm trying to avoid them and watch them at the very same time. The usual dream involves me in a building that has glass walls/windows, so that, you know, interesting.

So my plan today has been mostly fulfilled: apply for jobs, lament how my cover letters are crappy and I should really pay a professional to write them for me, eat some cereal, catch up on Glee Project (which says very little about me and I'd be better off saying I was watching The Wire, but I like to be honest on here).

A little bummed. Feeling a little bit like I am without purpose currently. I know I have purpose ("I FOUND MY SPECIAL PURPOSE!") because I have a family and I have friends and I have this blog, a blog I've often neglected but it keeps welcoming me back with open arms — but a job would be nice.

I wonder if anyone reads this anymore, it's been sooooo very long since I've done much on here. *crickets*

This thing on?

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Anna Zbacnik said...

I love your "special purpose" comment.