Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Second verse ...

same as the first. Week three o' unemployment. Many, MANT resumes submitted and waiting for verdict on an interview from a week ago.

Pondering a home relocation to something more affordable, especially since I'm not working and haven't yet received any unemployment compensation.

People who bitch about the jobless mooching off the system clearly have never been in that spot. My compensation, when it does finally start, will be below 50% of my previous weekly wages. Better than nothing, but not super great.

Also carless, due to fender bender and low car value that wiped out the car. Suck.

Yeah, kinda feeling crappy. I think this time of uncertainty and waiting for decisions to be made/things to happen wears on me and I'm looking forward to being able to just plan things instead of constantly trying to what-if different scenarios in my head. I'm not good with limbo, is what I'm getting at.

For now I'm enjoying the time at home with the kiddies and learning to pick my battles with the one known as Hurricane Oskar.

And on that note, HOW do stay at home moms clean and cook and do laundry AND still entertain/care for the kids? Cause I'm kinda striking out with that.

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