Friday, October 07, 2011

the first three days ...

I began my new job this week - production associate for the creative media dept at MLT Vacations. its the first job since 2007 I've had that is M-f, and it's the little ones' first encounter with full-time daycare.

it's been an interesting, long and, at times, tear-filled three days.

in many ways it feels wrong to spend so much of my waking time away from my kids. lots of crying at night for lil ol me, is what I'm getting at. once I'm at work and focused it gets easier, but I can't explain how happy I am that tomorrow is Saturday.

the kids are actually doing great at daycare, but the daycare is really far west of our office (I say "our" bc it's also Dustin's office) and makes for a long, stressful commute home with kids who just want to see mom & dad. and if you've ever driven in the cities during rush hour, you understand how going out of the way can add an extra 1/2 to 45 minutes to a commute. which, when accompanied by a crying infant and toddler who is screaming bc he's tires of hearing the crying infant, can lead to a complete mental breakdown on behalf of the driver.

so, do we switch, even though the kids are happy? and, keep in mind, we'll have to switch theme eventually (a year, year and a half?) the office is moving near the east metro, making a far west daycare trip impossible.

grown up decisions suck.

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