Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three days of blogging in a row? STOP THE PRESS!

seriously, i'm surprising myself.
i love blogging. love it. why? a chance to spew the crap from my noggin out into the ether, and maybe it'll be read by someone, maybe not, but it's out there, no longer stirring around in my brain, clogging up my thoughts.
i'm beginning to adapt to my new schedule pretty well -- it's definitely nice knowing dustin is on the premises, that takes the "lonely-scared-intimiated" factor out of the new environment. i also have several seeral pics of my awesome family in my cube, so i can stare at the loveliness and feel better about not seeing them all day long.
who want to go out for lunch today? a show of hands, please ...
now, WHO'S BUYING? answer me THAT!
back to work.

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