Sunday, May 27, 2007

guess who i'm really sick of?

i really liked lindsay lohan back in the Freaky Friday days. even in the Mean Girls days, even though it began her Tarted Up® phase.

that being said..... another car accident? and BIG SHOCK, suspected DUI and coke found on the scene? i'm a forgiving person, but for FUCK'S SAKE, i hope she goes to jail. know why? BECAUSE I NO LONGER HAVE THE TOLERANCE FOR WHINY-ASS BABY RICH GIRLS WHO ACT AS THOUGH THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY PLEASE WITH LITTLE TO NO CONSEQUENCE. having a set of funbags and a tight ass will only get you so far, lindsay.

you come from a broken home? WAH. no one understands the pressure you face? WAH.

you know what happens to me if i party so much that i can't go to work because of exhaustion? i get fired. know what happens to me if i get into one (let alone, SEVERAL car accidents)? my car is wrecked and i don't get another one. what happens if they find what might be cocaine on me? i got to fucking jail. AND lose my job. AND i won't see a license until the next century.

but you, you spoiled fucking brat, it's time someone sat you up and set you straight. everyone is tired of your shit. EVERYONE. so man the fuck up and get your shit together. if none of your friends will tell you to stop acting like a total fucking ass, then maybe the general public should.

end rant.


Nan said...

Perfectly stated Kari!!! Between her and Paris, it has just gotten ridiculous!

d. said...

Yeah, those rich Hollywood types really get my goat.

Jurgen Nation said...


I don't have a good feeling about this though - she was allowed back home, they didn't arrest her because of medical treatment and she said the coke wasn't hers. If those fuckers didn't do a tox test while she was in the hospital, I don't know if there's any hope left in the world.

d. said...

Billy Joel constantly crashing his car into buildings and trees is, for some reason, exempt from my disdain. That just makes me chuckle and go, "Oh Piano Man. You're so crazy!".