Tuesday, May 22, 2007

why my husband is a better person than i

because while he is watching this german-made documentary on kuwait and the damage it sustained after the gulf war (the one in the '90s), all i want to do is watch Jackass.

some days i don't have the energy for it. and i know i care about what is happening in this scary fucking world, but today i'm tired. today if i hear about war, i'll cry. dustin seems to have a better handle on his anger/frustration about all of this, b/c there is no way i could read/watch/listen to all he does on a daily basis and not just light myself on fire in front of the white house while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. we don't want that, do we?

so that's why i can't do what he does.

and maybe that makes me a total lazy ass some days and makes him a better, more well-informed citizen than i.

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