Monday, May 28, 2007

since i seemed to miss the first Jaws earlier today...

i'm gonna watch it RIGHT NOW! this is one shark-filled day, my friends. i just made brownies, ate a salad and put my feet up on the coffee table (i don't actually have an ottoman, so i improvise).

i'm considering jogging. why? i don't know. at all. something about it appeals to me, just the motion of going nowhere but burning off stress. yeah, my knees will probably implode with the force of an atomic bomb, but i think i can live with that.

it's 7 p.m. and i'm becoming melancholy over having to work tomorrow. i know everyone has to work. and i just have to get through one more month and then i've got some vacation coming in early july. and the month of may went by pretty quickly, so the beginning of my vacation, july 3, is just around the corner.

but i'm still melancholy. what can help break this melancholy mood? THE ORIGINAL JAWS MOVIE, THAT'S WHAT!

it may seem as though i didn't do a lot today. however i have done a few loads of laundry, picked up some groceries, showered, ummmmmm.... crap. not much accomplished.

but i'm learning a lot about shark behavior.

maybe not. but i'm learning a lot about the behavior of mechanical sharks in movie studio pools.


"that's some bad hat, harry" was just said by Chief Brody! THIS is where it comes from! to preface this, that line is spoken as a part of the production company after each House episode. hey! i've learned something today!

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Extraordinary Machine said...

Ah yes.. tHe odd feeling of acomplishment that jaws does bring.. I'm not sure if we are relating to the charecters, and are so overwhelmed with pride at there vicotry. Or if we are just happy to be alive...