Thursday, April 26, 2007

i need to time things better...

... like exercise. took the kiddo to the library tonight to find some books on the platypus. when we got home i was going to exercise, but then dude! we needed to eat dinner! so i made pasta and we had corn on the cob (frozen, not fresh, b/c i'm lazy) and then we ate a bunch and yes, i'm happily fed but i have yet to exercise. and i'm really interested in just sitting here and enjoying thursday night television.

so i will let the food sit and digest and THEN i'll exercise. but back to the topic of thursday night tv.

growing up, we had certain tv nights. i think monday nights were "kate & allie," "cagney & lacey," and "newhart."

thursday nights had (in no particular order b/c my memory isn't that good) "family ties" and "the cosby show." oh, and "cheers" i think was a thursday night show, too.

what night was "moonlighting" on? i know that "miami vice" was friday. (at least i think it was a friday night show.)

what else... oh yeah, the show "double trouble," about identical twins. that was a favorite of mine, even though it was pretty short-lived.

"misfits of science" was another! it's all coming back to me now, the shows of my youth. i feel as though i can smell the strawberry shortcake doll and feel the fur of the monchichi against my skin.


The Captain said...

I think Moonlighting was on Wednesday nights.

Why do I even remember that?

Nan said...

Thanks for the flashback Kari! I had forgotten about "Double Trouble" I loved that show... and ahhh, my monchi, monchichi, was so soft and cuddly.....