Sunday, April 15, 2007


i realized it's been quite some time since i opened up the old spam box. here's a few of the more notable ones out of the 8600 message i have in there.

Bettie Cleveland told me I can add up to three inches of my length.

However, Lorenzo Mitchell told me to avoid enhancement pills.

Newton Case told me I can find a f**kfriend tonight.

Sofia Brooks said I could find sexaholics.

Pam Stoner said "size a muscle on fold the destruction may copy some example not idea it's hate" (she's ALWAYS saying that) AND she said that some Veronica referred me to her. come on, spam-masters, i don't even KNOW any veronica's.

some random admissions office asked me if i wanted to be a crime scene investigator.

both Louisa Elliott AND
Alton Tolbert told me i can increase my girth by 20%.

there are some FANTASTIC offers to consider. but for now, i sleep.

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