Wednesday, April 18, 2007

back to the mundane

my big fancy headphones only work through one earpiece, therefore i am reduced to using these earbuds:

now, they are an improvement over the apple earbuds because they don't cause pain after thirty-seven seconds of use. HOWEVER they are huge. and apparently the opening of my ear cannot facilitate such girth, so they fall out.

they do come with a little foam cover, such as this:

HOWEVER because the earbuds fall out, the foam cover slips off and remains in my ear. which freaks me out because i'm horrified of gettting things stuck in my ear. i blame it on the Wrath of Khan.


The Captain said...


d. said...

Wow. Was that a Ceti Eel reference? Extra nerd points for Kari!

"Tell me where I may find... James Kirk"

Crystal said...

is that the movie where they put that worm thing into that guy's ear and he starts screaming?

if yes, is that also the same movie where they stick that person's hand in a box and all of the skin burns off?

i remember those scenes from when i was a kid and have no clue what movies they come from. however, i blame them for making me into the completely fucked up individual i am today.