Sunday, August 12, 2007

ahh, sunday nights.

my dog is currently whining. why? because that is her thing, her schtick, if you will. i've just finished my third of eight papers (from the comfort of my couch, no less) and am not quite tired enough to sleep. physically i could probably sleep for days, but my brain is spinning and twirling and doing cartwheels inside my skull, as my brain is wont to do.

what am i thinking about? what is it that makes my brain spin about like a kid who has just been tossed off of the merry-go-round? why, it's a variety of topics, ranging from the fact that i've not done laundry for a few days and therefore will be wearing a dress to work tomorrow, to the fact that i feel like going out tomorrow night. i don't usually go out all that much during the week -- or the weekend, for that matter, however i have a hankering to go out and listen to loud music and just... absorb. i just want to sit and take in stimuli from all around me and just blend with the scenery.

song playing currently: Live at PJ's by the beastie boys. beverage currently drinking: orange juice from the carton. (yes, i do that. yes, i've been told it's obnoxious.)

my dog just jumped up on the couch next to me and she's staring at me. she's trying to look cute, but i know the second i move from my spot she will take over my place and not let me back. i shall not be moved, dog. back off.

by now i hope you've all noticed the snidecards link at the top of the blog page -- peruse at your leisure and remember, we do take special orders. what is shown on the site is simply examples of what can be made ESPECIALLY for YOU, you jaded lil' creatures, you.

ever have a night where your brain doesn't want to sleep? i love sleep, i mean, i LOVE sleep. but right now my brain just wants to... keep going and not shut down for the night. anyone know what this is like? any suggestions? i'm distracted and i've been distracted all day.

i've got it... i'll put on a dvd of a tv series or something, push "Play All" and let the soothing dialogue of Firefly escort me into sleepfordshire.

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