Saturday, August 04, 2007

i'm no good at video games... i rarely play them. but i do pay close attention to those around me who are playing, and i quote them in this here blog.

tonight's game: halo 2

dustin: ooh! got me! (to me) are you trying to be accurate in your blog post about video games?
me: yes.
chris (sister's soon to be husband): ooohhhhhh!
clark (other sister's husband): hahahahahahahaha
dustin: whaddareyou laughin' at?

*no speech but only the sound of gunfire, game characters making noise, giving order, etc.*

dustin: wow, i sure can't find you. ahh!
clark: problem with that sniper rifle is that if you can't find any shots...
chris: i fired some rockets off but i couldn't get you.
clark: now, how do you switch to grenades? now, how do i know how much ammo do i have?
dustin: and now i'll run away. *to others* he's got the bigger balls, as we've learned.
chris: i've got the bigger tentacles.

*quiet pause*

clark: *after being shot* alright, that's enough of that shit.
chris: it'd be nice to have a knife in this game.
dustin: who is killing me? i'm just trying to bathe in this fountain. i'm just shooting to make noise at this point, to throw people off.
clark: it's throwing me off.


dustin: now clark's killin' me.
clark: i'm hittin' the tree like hell.
dustin: those trees are a damn nuisance.......oh shite...
clark: i'm out in the middle, if anyone wants to shoot me.
dustin: i'm tryin'. oohhhhh, i thought i had ya had me...the sword!
clark: the sword is in play!
chris: the magic sword found an opening.
dustin: i tried to pick up the sword and i almost got shot.
chris: you might not be worthy of the sword.
dustin: i might not be. man, i don't know where you bastards are.

you get the idea. now i'm going to go talk to my sisters about unicorns and rainbows.


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Andrew said...

You really really really really really really really really really don't want a word for word of how a typical 15 minutes of Warcraft looks like. Really. Just believe me on this.

Actually, if you do, I'll transcribe a few screenshots for you.

kari said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me those screenshots!