Friday, August 03, 2007

holy exercise, batman! or, using muscles i forgot i had, part I

walked for a while tonight with the dog to just blow off the steam that is beginning to build as fall approaches.

it's the same every year, but it still manages to catch me off guard because i guess i assume that it has to stop eventually, right? maybe the body and subconscious just has a memory that is too good to let go of bad stuff.

but i digress. i went on this walk to blow off steam, walked about four or five blocks down to the parkway and then saw a bridge that crosses over what looks to be the remains of a stream (but when we actually have rainfall, it's a fully functioning stream). it's charming, it's intriguing, so i take it. but does it cross to a nice walking path? nope. a hill. a really steep, really unpaved hill. i could have turned back, but i felt it was a good way to get into shape AND be masochistic at the very same time! hurrah!

so up the hill. WAAAAAY up the hill. ouch. sore. limbs. back. aching.

but i made it up the hill, and at the top were some of the prettiest houses i've ever seen in a part of our neighborhood where i had never been. there was a little kid outside with his parents and dog, which meant that i could stop to give my dog a visit (read: butt sniff) with another dog AND stop to catch my breath and to keep from vomiting up my lungs.

so now i need to keep in this habit --- if i can't be as emotionally/mentally healthy as i'd like, at least my exterior can get a bit closer.

as for the rest of my night...

my kid is currently dancing around the living with her headphones on her head, listening to the Grease movie soundtrack on her pod. so i hear nothing besides her giggles and only see her gestures and acting and KICK ASS dance moves. it's the best.

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