Wednesday, August 01, 2007

scary day wrap-up

what a crazy night it's been. after calling people (and getting calls/emails, thanks to everyone for checking in!) and finding out everyone i know is safe, it's a lot to think about. 

35W is a very common road that we take a lot of the time, although we've been avoiding it lately b/c of the pavement work they've been doing on it. last week we were in standstill traffic on it heading north (exactly where the collapse was) because it was down to one lane while they were doing work. it took nearly 15 minutes to go across this bridge with the amount of traffic backed up on it. 

and it does cross your mind, thinking that it could have gone down that night. it could have gone down on any one of the countless times i cross it with my kid. and i can't even imagine how horrifying it was for those involved, not to mention horrifying for those people ---- those parents of the many, many kids on that school bus -- that were waiting to hear about their loved ones.

but for me and mine -- we're safe and sound.

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