Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the calm before the storm...

my work schedule is great -- fantastic, actually. but when the holidays come around it means early deadlines, which means instead of four days of work for the eight papers, there is just about 24 hours. yeah. the papers should be smaller than normal, but it's still going to be crunch time between thursday at 6 p.m. and friday at 6 p.m.


i know i'll do fine, but i just really wish it were already 6 p.m. on friday and i'd just be DONE with it. oh, and we have the same thing next week on account of the new year holiday.

double blech.

but the overtime is nice. and the time off with abbers? THE BEST.

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Andrew said...

Yeah, when I have unpleasant things coming up in my week, I do this thing where I imagine a point out past the unpleasant time and then think about what that will be like. Then when I actually reach that point, I think back to the unpleasant time. It's weird, no?