Monday, December 31, 2007

my year in review...

... let's see.

i'm just thinking about how fast time goes. it seems to crawl at times, and then suddenly it's dec. 31 and i'm faced with looking back at the 364 days prior to this one.

i feel like i was on autopilot during my duration at target, so everything up to leaving there is kind of a blur, for the exception of abbey-related events, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. but for a general overview...

i found out i was pregnant this past year and have just a few days over four months until my due date.

i watched a lot of movies.

i quit smoking in march and will never smoke again.

i've discovered the joy of Family Guy.

my wonderful baby sister got married, and her husband is an amazing fella.

i got a job where i have more time to spend with my lovely kiddo and less time in an office cubicle.

i lost a best friend and i miss him every single day.

i have the most amazing friends and family in the world, and i hope that you all know how much i love you, how lost i'd be without you. even if you don't hear it from me everyday, please know that it's true.

i've cried more than i ever thought was possible.

i've eaten more mcdonald's cheeseburgers than i ever thought was possible. (damn it... one sounds good right now.)


i guess that's what i've got for now. maybe i'll be more introspective after i eat my weight in cheesecake tonight.


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