Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my recent purchase....

i bought pregnancy pants. and yes, there is a stretchy panel involved. actually, the panel goes ALL THE WAY AROUND the top part of the pants. so where there would normally be a button and belt loops? STRETCHY. stretchy goodness. (but they don't show the stretchy panel in the photo. and no, that's not a picture of me. i don't even have those shoes. nor are my nails that manicured.)

i'm also attempting to knit a blanket. i purchased circular knitting needles only to realize that they are tools of evil. i'm back to my regular needles... we'll see what happens (or who gets the needles in the eye first).

i'm sorting through the lovely bins o' baby stuff my sister passed along to me (thanks, aim!) -- it works well that it's mostly boy stuff and that we're actually having a boy. it's a TON of stuff for 12 months and later, so really i just have to acquire onesies. lots and lots of onesies, as the child will, no doubt, dirty at least six or seven per day. and i will have to acquire baby music as well.


monica said...

I was planning on rebelling and never buying pregnancy pants, but once you go there, you will never want to go back! Stretchy goodness is right!

Andrew said...

If I could wear stretchy pants at work, I would go to work with a smile, rather than think of it as the soul-crushing exercise in futility it actually is.